Boot socks.

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It looks like the completion of these has been well timed with the coldest weekend of the season upon us, here in the UK.

Boot socks
Boot socks

I used this quick knit dk.

Sidar Crofter DK in Hound Dog
Sidar Crofter DK in Hound Dog

This brings my total number of socks knitted in 2014 to 5 and a half.

5 and a half? Yes, the blue sock, over which I truely laboured, was just too snug to be comfortable and is waiting to be frogged. The criss-cross pattern made my usual number of cast on stitches less stretchy than usual. A lesson learnt.
My sock knitting of 2014 was wholly inspired by the sock KAL with KnittingWithSarah where she encouraged a little sock knitting every day. While she achieved a remarkable 26 pairs I am very happy with my own small total.
Sarah’s KAL truely snowballed. She was able to try out some amazing (mostly US) yarn from many many sponsors.
Do have a look at her KAL round up post. You can see one of those classic photos of all her lovely socks folded up in a drawer.
I’ve started, frogged, and restarted my fingerless gloves.Beira fingerless gloves
So I’m still on my dpns.
Love, Lucie xx


  1. I hope Boot socks refers to the thickness and not the fact you’ll be hiding these lovely socks! You need some Mary Janes … even if you have to wait until spring to wear them 😉


    1. This word foxed me too, when I started reading blogs. It’s a bit strange but it comes from when you undo knitting that has gone wrong. You, rip it, rip it, which sounds like the sound a frog makes! Very, very odd but the phrase has stuck.


  2. Very inspiring! I like the thought of knitting a little every day on socks–usually socks get me very stressed out but if I think, “just a little” it might be all good–love the variety in patterns and colors.


    1. Just don’t expect to like dpns straight away and be prepared to start very, very slowly. It
      looks impressive to others when you’ve got more speedy. I did it for the challenge more than anything else!


  3. I love the Sirdar Crofter Dk (and the chunky version). I’ve knitted cardigans out of both and think I have some left over. How many balls did you use to make your lovely pair and what size needles if you don’t mind me asking. I have a pair ‘in hand’ at the moment but it’s always good to have a plan for the rest of my stash.


    1. I used 2 balls as I wasn’t sure how much the longer socks would take. I started each sock with a new ball, to try and get the stripes to match. I would say I used 1 1/3 balls in total but a single ball would be fine for shorter socks. I’ve only knitted socks top down. If I was doing toe up, I would have made them each two inches longer.


      1. That’s good – I use mine for yoga and pilates classes mostly (whilst warming up) so they are only calf length and I can probably get a pair out of 1 ball. What size needles did you use? You must try the two at a time toe ups one of these days although I won’t promise to try DPNs in return :/


  4. Wow! They are brilliant socks! I am laughing at one of the comments and have a picture in my head of Mary Jane shoes and your socks! Hahaha ! ….well done on your achievement they look really , really good! I want some! 💝


    1. It took me the whole of my first sock, very slowly, to get used to the dpns so I switched to a small circular which was great but did give me a little cramp.. But now my fingers seemed to have been trained into the use of the dpns as this is all I use now.


  5. Love your socks. I’ve recently caught the sock knitting bug. I’ve got a position the needles and several more planned.


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