Sunny deck chair ironing board cover

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A long long time ago, in a summer far, far away, 8th July 2013 in fact, I wrote a post about replacing my particularly wide horrible ironing board cover with a new, far more pleasant version.

Hence my ironing board went from this to this

18 months later and my map of the world cover has traveled a pressing too far.
I now have a sunny deck chair ironing board cover.Sunny deck chair ironing board cover

Mundane, I know, but a huge big tick off my list.
At least I got to use my new red clips.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. This isn’t mundane at all Lucie, it’s the sort of project which will make you smile every time you use it and make ironing much more pleasant!! (Maybe that’s taking it too far though!)


  2. An ironing board cover is on my To Do list. As much as I like your cheery yellow one, the map one is my favourite. I’d be ironing and dreaming of a life in a far away, exotic land.

    I think I need those red clips. I’m sure I do. Where did you get them from?


    1. These are them
      Not cheap but invaluable for holding several thickness together. They won’t budge once they are on. You can buy them in smaller quantities.
      The map fabric was my favourite too but I made myself use fabric from my stash!
      I used 2 layers of cotton heirloom wadding for quilting.

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