Yarn bowl love and my Aunty Sarah

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e are, I have to admit, a fairly crafty family. I love anything yarn and fibre related and baking. My mum’s specialty is her painting, both landscapes and botanical, which she exhibits and sells in local exhibitions in North Wales. She’s also a dab hand on the sewing machine with home decor and, whilst I was growing up, dressmaking.

Both my Grandparents, no longer with us, from my mum’s side, painted, mostly landscapes of the North Wales mountains, seascapes and I seem to remember boats; they were both sailors.

My mum’s sister seems to have amassed the largest quantity of the crafty genes. She draws, paints with ink, water colour and oil. She knits and does anything else fibre related. She loves a course to learn a new skill.

And she also throws pots, has a potter’s wheel and her OWN KILN in her garden!!

I am the happy possessor of two of her pots. First a much loved black glazed salt pig, which sits beside my stove in daily use and now a yarn bowl!

Hand thrown yarn bowl
Hand thrown yarn bowl

Isn’t it beautiful? It has a lovely bright yellow glaze to the inside which contrasts wonderfully with the bare clay of the outside of the bowl.

Last night I cast on some fingerless gloves, Beira, a pattern found on Ravelry.
The yarn is a sock yarn skein I picked up at Yarndale last summer.

There are subtle colour intensity differences in the yarn so I was after a pattern for a single skein with something going on for a bit of a challenge, but a change from my usual socks.
My hand wound yarn ball unravels so smoothly in it’s yellow glazed bowl. No tugging or fetching of yarn ball required as it unravels across the floor towards the cat! Hand thrown yarn bowl
My Christmas gift, in exchange, was a needle case. My Aunty Sarah seemed to love it, especially when she opened it to find needles of every variety, for any fibre medium, inside; all in one place. Something I can really relate to!

Liberty Sewing Needle Cases
Liberty Sewing Needle Cases

I think I got the far better side of the deal, don’t you?

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I’ve seen them a yarn festivals and on other knitting blogs made of pottery like this one or from wood. They always seemed like a great idea to me. I find I no longer have to stop and give my yarn a tug as it unravels smoothly.


  1. I bought my Mum a yarn bowl for Christmas last year and have had one on my Christmas list for two years!! Anyway, I nearly got one but my Mum ordered it online (well, my nephew did it for her) and she had left it a bit late, it was from Israel and it didn’t arrive in time for her to bring over with her at Christmas. She did, however, show me a photograph of it online!! Still, at least I know there’s one in the pipeline. I actually prefer yours but don’t tell her!


    1. It has been one of those things that I couldn’t justify buying for myself (at £20 to £30) but so appreciative to have received one. It looks good as a standalone piece of art too and a great talking piece for those who are puzzled as to what it is.


  2. I so nearly bought a yarn bowl at Yarndale but had already spent quite a lot so didn’t give in to temptation. Of course, every time a ball of wool rolls off the sofa and underneath out of reach, I wish I had bought one……


  3. Funny how i have just been looking at what to make using some 4 ply sock yarn i picked up in john lewis sale….unfortunately i now hve another contender. The choice is now socks, shawl or mittens. Hmmmm.


  4. I love your gifts, how appropriate! and the family?! I couldn’t be more jealous, I miss that kind of environment so much – it’s so dull and boring, never to get creative likeminded talks and inputs. treasure it, it’s a most precious gift.


    1. I do really appreciate it. My 13 year old daughter thinks it quite normal to be baking, sculpting with fimo, felting etc on a Saturday afternoon. Yesterday we cut out together her first own made pyjama bottoms.

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