Liberty hexie glasses case

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Ta dah! A mini project using mini 1 inch Liberty hexies complete!
Liberty hexie glasses case

With hindsight the case is about 6mm too narrow for the Flexi Frame clip (87mm wide bought at the great expense of £3.55 for 5 off ebay). I would have preferred to see less of the ends of the clip.

In my defense I was trying not to include a seam down the side of the case so that my hexies ran all the way around.

Liberty hexie glasses case
I adhered some iron on fleece to the back of the outer liberty layer to add some bulk and protection. These glasses live in my yarn project bucket so I’ve no need for a hard wipe clean case in this instance.

Just something pretty.Liberty hexie glasses case

The blue one is near completion too but I might just add another line of hexies and a side seam to cover up the ends of the Flexi Frame clip. I think that must be the sewing-OCD in me.

Love Lucie xx

You can see my earlier posts regarding these beautiful pre-cut hexies from Ali of Very Berry Fabrics Liberty Hexieshere and here.


    1. I took out a subscription with an offer of a book but I really enjoy it. It like how it features independent pattern makers.
      There is always stuff that you would never make but usually lots I would like to do – if I had the time.
      And they printed my daughter in her Kimono (pattern from the mag) and also my wedding bags for White Tree Fabrics so I’m slightly biased!


  1. I’m still amassing my hexies but I can imagine I’m going to be disappointed when it looks like I’ve got loads but when I try to make a quilt can only manage a cushion (if I’m lucky). I don’t even want to think about how many I would actually need to make anything sizeable. Still, no rush.
    Great spex case. That’s a good deal for those flexi frames.


    1. It is true that 70 hexies go nowhere at all.
      I’ve also learnt that whilst a real mix of prints looks fine for something small, anything larger would need more of a repeating print throughout to pull it all together or something plain.
      I am tempted by something on a larger scale but I’ll have to find something I can find a use for.


  2. Great little project! I’ve never actually used flexi bands but should give them a go on something like this. I’m in need of a soft glasses case that isn’t as ugly as my hard ones:)

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