It has sleeves!

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I’ve conquered sleeves!


Do you ever put anything off because it contains something you’ve not done before?

I couldn’t continue to make sleeveless garments for ever, not in our weather. I knew I had to tackle it eventually.

So for this month’s Minerva post I pushed myself into sleeves.

And guess what? It wasn’t that difficult. Fiddly but not difficult.

I used an old faithful pattern.

Old faithful pattern Burda 6914
Old faithful pattern Burda 6914

I knew I wouldn’t have any fitting issues as I had made this twice before, taking in through the waist.

So just the sleeves to add then.

The fabric was a beautiful quality polyester fabric from the ‘Botanic Collection’
It drapes like a thin dense woven fabric. It feels warm on, despite only having little sleeves.

By the time I had set my third sleeve (Yes, you read correctly. For my second sleeve I had failed to insert the sleeve front sides together!) I felt I had overcome this particular nemesis.
And viola! Another top!

Stood in the bath
Stood in the bath

I am stood in the bath. Freya and I toured the house to assess the lighting in each room. The bathroom won hands down. Expect a lot of me throughout the winter in the bath! You’ll just have to learn to ignore the strange skin colour.

Now for some close ups.

So now I’ve conquered sleeves, my next nemesis is a collar.

I’ve had the fabric pieces cut out for over a month. It is the Tilly and the Buttons Mimi Blouse.Mimi blouse

I just need to push myself into making a start.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Very pretty and well done conquering your fear.
    I was going to say that I try to avoid buttonholes but, when I scrolled down and saw Tilly’s Mimi pattern, I see you are putting it off for a different reason. My machine does buttonholes but there’s just something about them that makes me turn the other way. Do you watch Dr. Who? Did you see the dress Clara had on in Saturday’s episode? It was a buttoned dress and it was gorgeous. I must get over it.


    1. Yes, I was pleased with the fabric. The pattern on the fabric looked a little scary at first but it worked well and is something I would pick up if I was looking in a shop.


  2. Oh, it’s a really lovely top, I do love that fabric! Looks perfect for dressing up and dressing down. Mine was a toss-up between the Airelle and Tilly’s Mimi, but I’m scared of buttonholes as I’m switching between 2 sewing machines: one that’s from 1949 and doesn’t have much fancy stuff, and the other which does, but I’ve only had it for a while, and I’m still getting used to it (and the instructions are in German..)
    And he-hey! I started setting in one of my sleeves inside out as well…


    1. If I get all my buttons lined up and an equal distance apart, I’ll be very happy. My mimi blouse fabric is black with tiny white birds so if all else fails I’ll use black buttons and no one will see them!


  3. Glad you have rolled your sleeves up and conquered that one – The world is your pattern oyster now. That is a very wearable top…. in the bath? funny ..Jo x


  4. Good job–it looks great. And I can’t tell you how many times I have ripped sleeves out because I had not sewn them right sides together. The collar on the Mimi looks like an easy one–should be a piece of cake.


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