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I have been very productive with two more Brenda Ballerinas; a commission for a friend.

Brenda Ballerinas in pieces
Brenda Ballerinas in pieces

I wouldn’t normally accept a commission like this. We all know how many hours of crochet can go in to one of these. The cost, if I were to include for an hourly rate, would be prohibitive!
But this is for a very special friend, the one who took my wedding photographs. They are for her two nieces, for Christmas, at strictly ‘mate’s rates’.

Don’t you think the body pieces look a little macabre laid out like this?Brenda Ballerinas in pieces

I shall leave the sewing together for a snuggly Sunday afternoon.
Meanwhile I have taken up with this fella.


A Christmas gift for my cousin’s son.
It is a pdf pattern in Spanish by conadeartesania that I’m slowly translating. I’ve crocheted enough of these amigurumi by now, that I can see the general gist of the pattern fairly easily.

And I’ve had a request for a crested gecko.crested gecko

I kid you not.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Yes, the pieces do look rather macabre laid out like that. The heads actually look like complete mice on their own – did you notice that?
    Who are all these people requesting amigurumi creatures? Are you sure they are really related to you/proper friends? I think they are grooming you for your crochet produce. I certainly would and, anyway, I think I am a second cousin, once removed, of your husband’s uncle’s stepdaughter.


    1. I shall of course share the crested gecko story once I have come up with a plan. I have a couple of patterns that I’m going to mash. Crocheting something like this without a pattern to follow will be a first for me.

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