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You may have seen this little banner in my widget column. It is the banner for the Scheepjes CAL being run by A Creative Being

Scheepies CAL 2014
Scheepies CAL 2014

Completely suckered in by MollieandClaire, and also by the huge enjoyment I got out of the stripey blanket CAL run by Notyouraveragecrochet in which we both took part in the latter half of 2013,

Stripey CAL blanket afghan
Stripey CAL blanket

I have just taken delivery of my Scheepjes cotton yarn.
This colour lot is called succulent and I must admit, I was quite taken with the unusual colourway.

Scheepies cotton yarn for the CAL
Scheepies cotton yarn for the CAL

Instead of stripes, this one is is being run on squares. A pattern for a square is released (in English and in Dutch as Marinke from ACreativeBeing is from Holland) every week from which 6 squares are crocheted.

The CAL started on October 3rd and will run for 12 weeks. The first 10 weeks, for the squares, and the last 2 for joining and the border.

There is also a facebook page . I’ve not started my first lot of squares yet and it has been hugely entertaining reading others comments (well the ones in English, I know no dutch) regarding which hook size has managed to achieve 6 squares of 18cm out of the specified 2 balls of yarn.

The CAL appears to have gone viral, with both the recommended Dutch and UK online shops stocking the prescribed colourway running out of certain colours, new colourways being issued and folks waiting weeks for their yarn to arrive.

This is the first released square pattern
Scheepjes CAL week 1

So it’s a little out of the ordinary, for which I’m glad.
I’m in no rush to start, I’ve plenty of amigurumi to work through. I saw these squares as a perfect long distance plane journey accompaniment en route to Thailand in November.

Anyone else daft enough to start a completely selfish project during the run up to Christmas?

Love, Lucie xx


    1. The facebook page is good to read to ensure you get all your squares out of the allotted yarn.
      Apparently there is another group who are starting their CAL at the start of the November due to the huge response (and waiting list) in buying the yarn packs


  1. Oh, I think I am going to be sorry I am not doing that blanket…but I am deep in a sock KAL and have knitting to do for a sale, and Christmas. Which might be why I cast on a completely selfish Estonian lace scarf/shawl thing last weekend. lol


  2. Hi Lucie, i’m in this CAL also, still waiting for my yarn which is on its way to Australia. i love the colours too. Enjoy!


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