Toasty toes 2

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My crochet hottie is complete.

It has even been bestowed with a ‘that looks alright’ from Mr Jones. Praise indeed!

40 little crochet grannies in a dk acrylic with a sheen and look of mercerised cotton.

A border of 3 rows of dbl (UK) crochet around the edge of both front and back and then a fourth dbl crochet row to connect the two with the hot water bottle in situ.

The fiddlest bit was crocheting up around the neck.Crochet hot water bottle

But it was worth persevering.

No, this cover is not one to be removed from it’s cover so it’ll take some careful filling by my god daughter’s mum.Crochet hot water bottle

It feels lovely and soft against my skin, but don’t worry, although tempted this weekend by a dratted cold, my feet have not been anywhere near it.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. The blanket was a CAL (crochet along) that ran last year. It was the largest project I had done to date. That’s how I got to know MollieandClaire. We were both doing it.


  1. I love it I was hoping you would have a pattern for us 🙂
    Did you crochet this around the bottle? I want to make one now 🙂 My bottle has no cover it feels unloved it can not see this post


    1. I made my squares, as many as would almost cover the hot water bottle, sewed them together and then did a dc border around, 3 times, to cover the entire face. Due to the shape of the hot water bottle ‘shoulders’ I did another 3 rows of dc along the top edge, each one shorter in length than the one before.
      Then I joined the front and back with dc, ensuring the bottle would fit snuggly inside.
      Once 3 sides were done, I put the bottle inside and crocheted along the top and around the neck with the bottle inside.
      A pattern is a little tricky as each bottle is a different shape.
      I got the idea from here
      which goes into more detail but I just winged it.
      Hope that helps.


      1. thank you so much 🙂 I will give it a go and see how I go. I am still having some problems with crochet I seem to be okay at granny squares and things but when it come to other things I get a bit stuck but I am having fun learning as I go 🙂


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