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What do you think of this zingy fabric? This bundle came courtesy of Minerva Crafts. For newbies, I am part of their bloggers network. I have the benefit of choosing something lovely from their site in return for making it up and writing about it. Their bloggers network page is full of a huge variety of makes from the 20 or so bloggers who make up the network.

Stretch floral print cotton, black stretch cotton and medium weight interfacing
Stretch floral print cotton, black stretch cotton and medium weight interfacing

6 months from now I shall hopefully be running up some skinny capri trousers in this tropical stretch cotton but that is far beyond my current capabilities.

For now I shall settle with another bag!

Do you see a trend? I love bags.

I’ve found that the trick to making a successful fabric bag is in the highly accurate cutting and strict adherence to  the specified seam allowance. It is also sooooo important to use the correct interfacing.  A floppy bag just reeks ‘homemade’!

I have learnt that generally you should use more, or a heavier weight of, interfacing/fleece than a pattern recommends.

For every bag I make I religiously refer to this article on the U Handbag site. It details every sort of bag you might make along with the recommended interfacing, both fusible and sew-in.

I used the cover pattern from my bag making book, Bags, the Modern Classics by Sue Kim.

Bags - the modern classic by Sue Kim
Bags – the modern classic by Sue Kim

Obviously the pattern did not specify a stretch cotton. I chose it purely for the print.

The pattern recommended the use of fusible interfacing to both the outer fabric and the lining. Referring to U Handbag site, I beefed this up with some heavy weight fusible (one side) fleece which I adhered to the outer fabric (on top of the interfacing) once I had made up the front section of the bag.Tropical bag

There were 8 pieces of outer fabric and 3 lining pieces, along with multiple interfacing pieces to cut out. This took the bulk of the time in making the bag. It came together really quickly and I was very happy with my top stitching, once I had changed to a fresh needle.

Tropical bag

The iron on interfacing reduced the ‘stretch’ in the fabric as I had hoped but I used my walking foot attachment at all times to prevent waves forming in the stretch cotton.

I knew as soon as I had created these little pleats, that I was onto a winner.Tropical bag

Can you imagine this with a long black maxi dress somewhere on a beach in Thailand?

That’ll be me in 5 weeks time.

Jealous? (Well it will be my honeymoon)

Love, Lucie xx


    1. Ha, ha! Very funny. My backpacking days are long gone and for once we are doing things in some style and I plan to take full advantage. Back to bargain breaks again next year.


  1. If you can make that bag then you are already skilled enough to make Capri pants, believe me! Trousers are much, much easier to make than you think they’re going to be:)


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