Bonny the bunny

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It always amazes me how a little forlorn looking pile of crochet limbs can go from this

Bonny bunny in pieces
Bonny bunny in pieces

to this!

Frilly pants bunny by Lilleliis
Frilly pants bunny by Lilleliis

Bonny was made using this Lilleliis pattern,Β using the yarn I bought for my Brenda Ballerina.

DMC Cotton
DMC Cotton

She likes nothing better than to catch the evening light and laze about the garden.

And of course catch up with her friend, and fellow Christmas present, Brenda Ballerina.

Bonny Bunny and Brenda Ballerina
Bonny Bunny and Brenda Ballerina

Here’s a shoutout to a fellow Lilleliis Bunny maker; Tara from AFriendLikeBen

Tara's Lilleliis Bunny
Tara’s Lilleliis Bunny

These bunnies could be sisters! Happy Hooking, Tara!

Any one going to Yarndale this weekend? I’m going on Sunday. So if you see anyone vaguely looking like this

2nd Burda 6914
This is me!

I would love to meet you.

Love, Lucie x


    1. No, thought I would try the features first and then decide. I think I was just comparing the head to the fabulous shape of the mouse head. Most of the crochet rabbits I came across on Pinterest had flat faces like mine. I think I was just being over critical. If I hadn’t done the mouse first, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.


    1. I’m working on a commission for a couple of Brenda’s at the moment but they take about 5 hours each so charging my time at just Β£5 an hour plus materials would just price them out of most people’s pocket!


      1. I know isn’t that the problem! I once made a shirt for a friends hubby….I made Β£2 an hour! Lol. I saw some at the Festival of Thrift , they are so cute. Are they hard to make? I can do basic crotchet stitches!


        1. No, not hard at all. Just double crochets, increasing and decreasing. Quite a lot of counting. I’ve learnt to be really strict with the counting to get it to turn out right. Stuff firmly and when doing limbs, do them both together otherwise you’ll stuff one more than the other. You have to stuff limbs as you go along.
          Apart from that, very satisfying!


  1. Hi Lucie, Those bunnies are beyond cute! I sent you an email as you are one of the winner of the giveaway for a review copy of the Dolores batwing pattern. I haven’t heard from you so I think it may have gone into your spam folder? Please have a look! My email address is sozoblog (at) g mail (dot) com. Thanks! Zoe xxx


  2. It’s adorable! I would have said “Hi” if I’d spotted you at Yarndale (which was sooo much quieter on Sunday) but it was such a visual treat that my eyes were firmly focused on the multitude of yarny things on display!


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