Woolly fun at Yarndale

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We went to Yarndale, just the two of us, on the train. Our first festival of yarn.

We took banana bread to fill our bellies.

Banana bread, cooked (and burnt) the day before
Banana bread, cooked (and burnt) the day before

And crochet to occupy our fingers

Yes, this is my daughter and she is actually crocheting!!!!!

We passed on the offer of a bus ride to walk through the park.

In side the huge cattle auction shed, our base for the day, we were met with this!

This quite made us forget the lingering smell of the usual visitors to the cattle market that hung about the place!

The cattle pens provided natural enclosures for stall upon stall, upon stall, upon stall. There was so much to see. I wish I had taken more photos but it was really quite tricky amongst the throngs of punters. Just imagine woolly rainbows of every type of yarn, everywhere you look and you are almost there.

None of your big names. Just a huge wonderful mix of independent breeders, dyers, spinners, weavers, knitters and crocheters!

And our haul?

Fairly modest, considering. I think I was blown away by the sheer hugeness of the choice.

Most stalls only took cash which prevented me from getting too carried away. 4 hours was about the limit for my daughter, including a very reasonable lunch in a sheep pen.

Next time I shall go with projects in mind, with weights and yardage written down. I am tempted to say I would go alone but how do you choose between a lovely day out with your daughter and an extra few hours of shopping and chatting to stall holders?

Maybe she’ll not want to go or maybe her sudden interest in crochet will grow to match mine!

Either way, I shall be back next year.

Did anyone else make it and come off as lightly?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Looks like great fun – I particularly like the look of the banana bread.

    I agree that you need to have a project (or several) in mind otherwise it is easy to become tempted and buy something you might later regret. Although, it’s nice to see what’s new and be enthused by something different I have found it’s best to take the business cards home with you and think about those things at your leisure and just buy the fabric/yarn/notions for projects you already have planned.

    When you are just ‘mooching’ I think it’s great to go with somebody else but, if you are on a serious mission, probably best on your own.

    However, when that ‘somebody’ is a daughter, I’d definitely make the most of her wanting to do things like that with you.


    1. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head with your comment about coming away thoroughly enthused by what I had seen.
      If I hadn’t got a tonne of projects to finish before Christmas, I definitely would have gone to town. There was a stall there that just sold vintage style knits, with lots of examples worked up. I would have loved to have spent time there but Freya had really had enough by then and I didn’t want to put her off future woolly expeditions.


  2. As you know, we made a long weekend of the seven hour journey north to Yorkshire and also came away hugely enthused (and a lot poorer!). Am working on a post for the blog now – just trying to edit down some of the many photos I took:)


    1. I will be very interested to see what you came away with! I picked up a few cards from stalls I particularly liked and am putting together a Christmas wish list for those who might just purchase a skein or 2 for me. Beyond diamonds, yarn will make a satisfactory substitute.

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  3. oh my it looks amazing, thank you for the pictures. Lovely to look at i would love to go but i am not sure the hubby would have too much fun wheeling me around and wanting everything lol


  4. So true what you say about going with projects in mind. Otherwise you can come back with loads and loads of things. Then again sometimes not having plans, can lead you to all sorts of possibilities 🙂


    1. I shall reserve it for trim and some mini makes for Christmas. I’m not sure whether it’s faulty or something. There was just a small pile of ready cut pieces. A real find!


  5. Hiya I’m sorry I didn’t bump into you lol, I was alone , my hubby choose to stay in the car so my time was limited , love the photos , I didn’t take any this year just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere , did you se Lucy ? Wasn’t she lovely


    1. I completely missed Lucy! Your man sitting in the car LOL! I would really recommend taking the train if possible for next year. It was so easy with the vintage bus taking you from door to door.


  6. Ooh my name is like the one above – nearly! Glad you had a good time. When I went to the stitch and craft show at NEC B’ham I took a wishlist with measurements and pattern. It was really good so defo do that next time. Jo xx


    1. Now I’m no longer a yarn festival virgin, I shall have a plan of action next time!
      There was a huge difference from the only other craft type show I had been to in Manchester. This was just independent shops/suppliers and the whole thing felt completely uncommercialised.


  7. Hellooooo, I have just found you! I also went to Yarndale (for the second year) and thought it was greeeaaat. Some gorgeous makes and bakes here- will be keeping up with all your news! Karen x


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