Daybreak shawl

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I’ve been busy knitting to get this finished.

Its the Stephen West Daybreak Shawl.

Daybreak Shawl complete!
Daybreak Shawl complete!

I must admit that when it first came off my needles I wrapped it around my neck and was completely underwhelmed!

I  hoped that blocking would turn it into something I loved. And thankfully it did.

It was a Stephen West pattern found here on ravelry.

I was so glad not to be disappointed.  The fabulous quality of the yarn was reflected in it’s price!

This will be the last self indulgent knit for a while. I need to get back to my crochet amigurumi.

I’ve a monkey and 2 crochet hotwater bottle cases ( inspired by Patch ) for a new born and 2 birthdays  in November.

I’ve a dinosaur I’d like to fit in along with a commission for 2 more  Brenda Ballerina’s before Christmas.Ballerina Mouse

As well as another Amineko Cat requested to be found in my mum’s stocking on Christmas day.

Amineko Cat

I’ve foolishly also signed up to a crochet blanket CAL!!!!!!!CAL-banner

So that’ll keep my fingers busy!

I wonder what my husband will think to me crocheting 24/7 on our honeymoon in November!

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I’ll try not to! I’ve just found out we have a family Christening in Cambridge at the end of Nov. So there’ll be some Christmas present swapping with the family from the south coast going on. Looks like my deadline is sooner then I thought!


  1. Wow it’s turned out beautiful! It’s amazing the difference blocking can make isn’t it? As for your honeymoon, surely you’ll have *ahem* other things to occupy you!


  2. Such a wearable item! I think it is FAB. I have been scooting through your other makes too, you have been so busy. I love the bag, very stylish. Jo x


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