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Come with me.

It’s a quick 12 mile trip but I’ve done all the hard work for you.

You don’t even have to wear a funny hat!
Cycling around Newmillerdam
At 9 degrees it’s a little chilly but the sun is out. It is a beautiful morning.

Ready?Cycling around Newmillerdam

First a mile or two through the woods. Not many about at eight this morning.Cycling around Newmillerdam

In the spring these woods behind the Newmillerdam reservoir are full of bluebells.Cycling around Newmillerdam

Now out of the woods20140823-101027.jpg


and out into the sun. The farmer has been busy. This field was waist height in wheat last week.20140823-101048.jpg


Just a short distance along the lanes until we reach Walton. 20140823-101108.jpgThe farmer has been busy here too.
Right, now we are on the Leeds/Barnsley canal.20140823-101159.jpg

Not many boats this morning.

It’s quite magical with the sun peeping through the trees.20140823-101330.jpg

Watch out for the bridge.
Out into the sunshine again.  It’s breathtaking. These are the reservoirs of The Heronry. Filled in gravel pits I would expect.
Onto the canal again
So still this morning
Then off the canal, over the bridge and a sharp right onto one of the old Wakefield to Leeds railway lines.20140823-101532.jpg

We are on the home straight now. Not many trains this morning. 20140823-101551.jpg

Back in time for breakfast. Refreshed?
With Freya away camping with her dad, my (new) husband has surprised me with a couple of nights away so we are off to Durham this morning. I’ve never been but I like a good Cathedral and a river and I now have plenty of room for cake.

Love, Love xx



  1. What lovely countryside. It’s very similar to the area around me by the look of it, we’re a couple of minutes walk from the Grand Union canal and about 5 minutes in the car to Ashridge forest.


    1. The cathedral was a humbling experience. It is over 1000 years old and looks like it’ll stand another 1000. The choir were practicing, completely adding to the visit.


  2. Hi Lucie, it was great to accompany you on you ride. I am a cyclist myself, all be it “lapsed”. I have lost my mojo and unfortunately have rarely been on my bike this summer. BUT…. your journey has inspired me to dust of the old cycling shoes and get out there. I noticed that you mentioned Leeds and as my son is a student returning to Headingley in 2 days it was lovely to see some countryside that might be close to him. Thank you for posting 🙂

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    1. I have both a road bike and I MTB. I bought the MTB so I could encourage my daughter to come out with me as she couldn’t keep up with me (or cover the miles) on my road bike. I now love my MTB because if I’ve had a little break from being in the saddle a MTB ride is much less daunting than the effort of that first road bike ride. It also gets me out when it’s a little too windy for the road!
      I like to get out 2 or 3 times a week in the summer. It’s my answer to my love of food ( and wine).


      1. I know what you mean, sometimes the thought of getting lycra clad and clipped in puts me off going out on my bike. Last year I would have cycled 3 or more times a week, and could have taken 50 miles in my stride. I don’t think I could manage 20 miles…. maybe I could but it would take a while:) My husband and I have a tandem getting dusty in the shed, when we got our road bikes it was relegated. We used to love heading off together for long rides with flasks and panniers filled with sandwiches. We would decide if it was a (one flask ride or a two flask ride) Stopping regularly to eat, drink and take in the scenery…. I miss it, I also miss us doing something together. I think I will have to make some changes to the lifestyle… I am a stone (at least as I avoid the scales) heavier and chocolate has taken over 😦 It is time for change….


        1. It is so important to keep doing things together. It’s so easy to get into a routine of just doing chores when investing in time together will pay off in the long run. Mr Jones and I go out together about once a fortnight but he prefers to swim during the week. Get out now and get a little fitter. It’ll be harder to start once the season changes. X

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