Is that it for the summer?

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Is that it for the summer?

We’ve had a marvellous summer, weather wise, but it does seem to have come to rather an abrupt end. It was distinctly chilly this morning as I chose my fleecy dressing gown over my brushed cotton one to tramp down the stairs to feed the cat and empty the dishwasher. Always me??????

I was out cycling with Mr Jones on Saturday and there was a distinct layer of leaves scattered about the tracks.

It is no longer safe to leave the house without a cardi and the flipflops have been flung to the back of the wardrobe.

My mind is turning to casseroles of both the meat and sausage variety. We are choosing soup over salad for lunch.

It’s August!

I even gave in on Sunday and made a pie.

Steak and Ale Pie
Steak and Ale Pie – A little rustic!


Well, three pies actually, one for now and two for the freezer. Far too much trouble to go to just for one pie.

I don’t usually give into pies until well into September.

I feel I’m nesting for winter. Adding an extra layer of fat with some comfort baking.

And Freya made muffins.

Blueberry and apple muffins
Blueberry and apple muffins

I’m holding out for an Indian summer but it’s too cold for salads.

Love,Lucie x


      1. Yes, we had great weather before and I was lucky to be in Scotland when it was hot (the first week of the Commonwealth Games) so I’m not really complaining…not much 😉


        1. I was so pleased they had at least one good week of weather for the Commonwealth Games. Glasgow can look a little different in the rain. ‘Hot’ and ‘Glasgow’ do not usually feature in the same sentence!


  1. Nothing wrong with a layer of fat 😉 LOL! And I’ve seen your photo in the sewing post! As my husband says ‘I’ve seen more fat on a greasy chip’! (He has been known to call me Tubs…!) Your baking looks just fabulous. Those cheesy scones mmmmmm – my favourite. I don’t make them for that very reason! But it is shockingly cold! X


    1. Ha, ha! Your husband’s comment made me laugh out loud. I have a really good appetite, especially for baked goods. My OH encourages me to eat more! I just cycle loads!


  2. The pie looks amazing – I started making a lightweight summer top and now I am wondering if there is any point in finishing it. Planning to sew jersey and denim as soon as possible!



    1. My newly sewn summer tops are now layered with cardigans and jackets so not all is lost. I need just to crack sleeves; I’m hoping they are not too tricky, and then on to jersey which I’ve never sewn before.


  3. I am still waiting for summer to start properly here so I’m not listening to your complaints!!

    You are going to love sewing with jersey. Have you got yourself a rotary cutter and big cutting mat? It’s much easier to cut out knit fabrics like that, you tend to pull the fabric out of shape if you use scissors. I


    1. Yes I have the mat and rotary cutter. One of the best things I ever bought for my sewing. And I have some really cheap jersey to have a practice on.
      Now if work just didn’t keep taking up my day……..


      1. We camped before we had children but this was the first time with them all. Seemed to be good fun (for that read that the children disappeared off for quite a long while and left me and my husband alone for a lot of the time! ;))

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