Dressmaking No 3

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Yes, OK, it looks fairly similar to the previous two but let me tell you new skills were indeed learnt in the making of this BurdaStyle 042013 pleated blouse!

This third blouse/top is different because I got to practice my rolled hemming using my new feet to finish off (rather successfully!) the ends of the sleeves.

And it has a yoke!!!

I’m sure it was some sort of miracle which led to the yoke exactly fitting into where it was supposed to go. I couldn’t quite believe that I had pulled it off. Must have been all that very carefully cutting out!

After making my toile I took the side seams in a good couple of inches.

Toile adjustment
Toile adjustment

I don’t look good in a shapeless sack.

After a quick pose in the garden

I came back inside and top stitched around the neck line which now sits more happily around my collar bone without constant adjustment.Neckline top stitching

I have come to realise that as much time is spent cutting out and marking up the pieces than is spent in actual sewing.

Pleats marked, and pinned
Pleats marked, and pinned

And that patterns vary considerably in their level of instruction.
This Burdastyle pdf came with rather limited instructions.

So I have another top for work and I am wearing it today! This fabric at £2.40/m is behaving very well and does not crease whatsoever!

My next make will not incorporate pleats at the neck but will incorporate an invisible zip, sleeves and a PeterPan collar! Get me!

Love Lucie x


  1. A lovely neckline – I thought you were going to say the fabric was Liberty but at £2.40 per metre I guess not – unless you struck extremely lucky. Good luck with your invisible zip insertion. Actually, I find them easier than lapped zips although that might be because I have been making multiple bolster covers for my yoga teacher for use in our classes and I have lapped one zip too many lately.


  2. Gorgeous! Yes, I often spend longer cutting out and preparing pieces than I do sewing. And yes, downloaded Burda pattern directions are rather sketchy. You did a great job with this, it really looks like there’s no stopping you now!


  3. Looking gorgeous Lucie. Oh yes,the maxim is measure twice and cut once. In my case measure ten times lie down, pray, measure again and then cut. Be nice to scary sewing machine, lie down again, then sew. Then be surprised by a finished project. I am really impressed by your three tops. The last time I made something for me was in a sewing evening class a pair of trousers which were incredibly comfortable, but that was at least 12 years ago.


  4. All your tops look gorgeous and I am so impressed with how professional your finish is. I love the blue and white fabric. I imagine your wardrobe is going to be bulging soon with lots of new makes.
    Ali xx


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