Hen night bunting

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Not made by me, this gorgeous bunting, but my friend Claire.Wedding bunting

It is very rare for me to receive a handmade gift. I was truly touched and appreciative of the work that had gone into it.Wedding bunting

I have known Claire on and off through our daughters for around 10 years.Wedding bunting
But it was only recently that we found out about each others mutual love of sewing and craft! How bizare!
Wedding bunting
Can you see the hand stitched appliqued letters?

I’m hoping to display this in the garden over the wedding weekend as folks who will have travelled to join us, pop in to say hello. I’m also hoping for some nice weather but the weather, being weather, will just do its thing.
Wedding bunting

11 days to go, now. Then I promise to talk less of weddings and more of other things.

Love, Lucie x


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