Clutch bags for wedding days

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After I’d stopped procrastinating and got down to sew, these clutch bags came together very quickly.

What do you think? Bridesmaid clutch bags This was my first make for White Tree Fabrics. The White Tree Fabrics blog is in it’s early days but the bar has already been set really high by fellow bloggers. The blog can been found here.

The fold-over clutch is for my daughter. The mint green duchess satin, provided by White Tree Fabrics along with all the other fabrics (silver duchess satin and Guipure Tassled Lace 8319-02 in ivory) , exactly matched the mint of my daughter’s dress. White Tree Fabric bridesmaid purse make She is completely thrilled with it. ‘You couldn’t even buy one of these if you tried’, she said. ‘That’s exactly why we sew,’ I replied.

I used the mint green duchess satin on the outside, covered in the beautiful lace, and lined it in a pale silver satin. The chunky metal zip and the purse cut on the cross, makes it just a little contemporary.

For my purse, just large enough for my phone, a lipstick and a hanky, I used a metal frame. It was the glue in type and incredibly easy to do. Expect to see a lot more of these coming up nearer Christmas.

I switched the colour combination around for this one, using the green satin on the inside. I had not sewn with lace before. It cut without fraying but I found it useful to tack the lace onto the satin using the long running stitch on the machine. This ensured that I knew where the lace was when I was sewing all the layers together. I also used my walking foot for the very first time.Walking foot Without it the lace stretched and pulled and caused the satin to pucker up.

I followed this tutorial from FlamingoToes for the fold over clutch. It was just like a giant pencil case, just on an angle.Bridesmaid fold over clutch bag As for the framed purse, a tutorial on the Village Haberdashery site was useful but here are a few photos of the process.

I’m so pleased to have saved myself a shopping trip and ended up with two quality bespoke purses.

They feel so special.

Love, Lucie x


      1. I just got some tilda fabric to make a dress for my niece! It is gorgeous fabric and I got matching ribbon! Can’t wait to get started!!


  1. They have turned out brilliantly, it is good to try something new and experiment with the feet on your machine. I have two purse frames in my sewing box but had no idea how to glue them in so I am off to follow your links. By the way, that shawl is a two row pattern and it really easy it just looks complicated. Love Jo x


    1. The clutch frame less messy than I thought it would be. I would really recommend the glue mentioned in the link. The fabric has stuck really fast to the frame. I left it just 2 hours between doing one side, then the other.
      I did have a run through with some less precious cotton first. Next time for a cotton fabric purse I would use interfacing on the external cotton as well as the fleece interlining but the satin worked well without.


    1. It comes a lot easier to me these days. What I can now do in an hour used to take me all day. As you can imagine, you get to overcome the pitfalls as you progress.


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