Strawberry Jam Day

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I wasn’t planning on making jam today. The strawberries at our local ‘pick your own’ are not usually ready until the last ball is struck at Wimbledon.
It was a good thing I checked.Strawberry Jam

A good two weeks earlier than usual.Strawberry Jam
It was a cool day so I had several rows to myself.Strawberry Jam.
Mind you, I didn’t need to move very far to fill two buckets.Strawberry Jam
I always pick too much and worry I have enough cash on me.Strawberry Jam
So we have a fridge full of strawberries and a shelf full of jam.Strawberry Jam
Which I had to try.Strawberry Jam
Love, Lucie x


    1. Trouble is, I’ve no idea how many supermarket punnets you can fit in a bucket. Then you get them home and wonder how exactly you are going to get through them all in the next 3 days.


    1. Bentley grange farm between Wakefield and Denby Dale. If you look on their website it tells you what fruit is open that day and the times. The strawberries are under open poly tunnels so it doesn’t even matter if it’s raining. Take wellies. It’s a lovely peaceful place.


  1. We have had strawberries here for a while now but, apart from the little Gariguette strawberries an early fruiting French variety which are nice, most of them are from Spain (we are not that far from the border here) and neither are a patch on English ones in my opinion


  2. We were amused on holiday in Corfu last year. We were sat in our local bar on the seafront having a glass of wine before dinner when a little white van came along, all the locals wandered over to the van and huddled round. We wondered what was going on in this usually quiet little village then the owner of the bar came back with his purchase to show us and said “English strawberries, they are the best”.


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