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With only 3 weeks to go until ‘THE BIG DAY’ I have come to realise that there will be a time to which I am now constantly referring as, ‘after the wedding’.

I have so much I want to do ‘after the wedding’.
Lamp shade making, felting, crocheting for the grangerange’s yarn bombing and getting back into my baking (once there is no longer any fear of not fitting into ‘the dress’), all feature on the horizon.

But my greatest wish is to turn my attention to dressmaking. I was truly humbled last weekend at the Minerva Crafts Meet Up. Before the day a competition had been announced by Minerva Crafts. They invited all public and bloggers alike to turn up in a hand made item.

On arrival they were badged with a ‘vote for me’ sticker. Within our goody bags we found 2 more stickers, a heart and a star. We were to use the stickers to vote for our favourites. The dress/outfit with the most stickers at the end of the day won a prize. Well it was all a little embarrassing for me at the beginning, sticking a sticker on the body of a stranger! But as the stickers built up, everyone entered into the spirit of things.

Well, the dresses, blouses, skirts, shawls were absolutely amazing! All styles, all sizes, adorning all ages. And so beautifully made! I came to realise how a bespoke, well hand fitted garment does wonderful things to compliment a lady, what ever her size.

So I am starting very small and very easy. I have been advised to purchase the Collette Sewing Handbook by my new blogger friend, Louise of Sewsensational.
I have a pattern (the top) and fabric, purchased on the day.

I have even washed and ironed the fabric.
I am itching to get going but my attention must be drawn first to table plans.

Me and my new friend Louise not wearing handmade dresses.
Me and my new friend Louise not wearing handmade dresses.

Have a lovely weekend

Love, Lucie x

Photos courtesy of Minerva Crafts. To see more photos of the day, follow this link here


  1. What a beautiful rainbow coloured and skilled ladies!Just love the dresses and the happy beautiful faces!Wish I would be able to sew so well as you do one day!!!For now I’m only a beginner…..


      1. ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ What nice and encouraging words from your side!Thanks!I agree,it is a matter of practice….I'm in the middle of learning about and hope that the next week will be able to post something worth it on my blog. šŸ™‚


  2. I love that photo of us! And I agree about it being such a humbling experience… I feel very honoured to be associated with all of these people, including yourself. Love the picture of the lady with the long psychadelic dress and red shoes too – she’s the lady that came up to me and said she read my blog, haha!


  3. Another book I would recommend (that is purely techniques, with no patterns included) is the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I’ve referred to it many times and it’s never let me down.


  4. …….or this one – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vogue-Sewing-revised-updated/dp/1933027002

    Love all those dresses. I hope it wasn’t like waiting to get picked for the netball team in school and having nobody stick a sticker on you šŸ˜¦ Although I was good at netball (no other sport) so I did get picked but you get my drift.

    I see you haven’t mentioned trying quilting out as one of your things to do ATW. I hope it was an oversight šŸ˜‰


    1. Being rather plump at school, and hopeless with anything that involved a ball, I was always last to be picked! ;(
      And definitely an oversight!!! I have in mind a (small) quilt for a friends baby due November – loads of time!!!
      Will check out that book. I’m hoping all I learnt at school will come flooding back and I’m quite good with my machine. šŸ˜‰ Just not very good when things don’t go my way;(


  5. Hi
    I’m the lady in the psychedelic dress! It was a great day. Go for ‘wow’ fabric at first – hides a multitude of sewing sins. Best wishes for the wedding.


    1. Hello Jenny! Hope you don’t mind me using your photo. Great tip about the fabric choice. We got married on Saturday! It was a truly marvellous day. More soon.


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