White Tree Fabrics and a bridesmaid purse

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I was so pleased, last week, to a receive an email from Lisa of White Tree Fabrics. I confess, I hadn’t heard of White Tree Fabrics before but there was a reason for that.White Tree Fabrics
White Tree Fabrics are a newly established fabric & haberdashery retail company – although apparently

they have been around for years as a wholesale fashion fabric company.
Their website has only just gone live and Lisa was looking to work with seamstress/dressmaking bloggers on collaborations.
As with my relationship with Minerva Crafts, they would supply sewing patterns, fabrics, threads etc free of charge in exchange for the blogger creating a garment that they featured on their blog and that they could also feature on their website.

I emailed Lisa straight back and asked if she was aware that I was more of a crafter than a seamstress and my skills were more in craft and home decor than dresses.
Apparently she was, and was really keen for me to join them and use their fabrics in an alternative way.

She also said there would be no deadlines and no expectations of the regularity of projects. This sounded good!

Well I of course visited the site to see what I would be working with. There is fabric there unlike I’ve ever used before. So much lace, stretch, sequin, net and satin. There are embroidered pieces costing over £100 per metre!

‘Well,’ I thought, ‘I do need two clutch bags for the wedding. One for Freya and one for myself.’ Why not start there?

After a quick search I’ve come up with the following options.


You can see me and the rest of the blogging team here.


Now I might need a couple of hours to choose my fabrics ………

Love, Lucie x


  1. Just popped over to have a look at the site. I found it a bit fiddly to navigate, to be honest, but I did see some lovely coloured ‘warm jersey’ which would feed my current obsession for Coco dresses and other food for my new overlocker.
    Good luck with choosing the right fabric for your special clutch bags.


  2. Wow, that’s great news! And you get to play with some lovely material. I can only make simple things with straight lines – cushion covers, curtains etc. but I now have the urge to make something to wear!


    1. I’ve not quite got the dressmaking bug yet. I think I’m just putting it off in case I end up with something I’m disappointed in and wouldn’t wear. Daft, I know.


  3. Congratulations on this fabulous opportunity, I am sure you will be in your element wading through all the gorgeous materials, your imagination can run wild. Love the purses you have shared, can’t wait to see your own version.


    1. I’ve not made a clasp purse before so I think I’ll have a trial run first. I also need to research what type of interlining I need. A great learning opportunity!


  4. Yayyy! I’m blogging for them too! I spent hours trying to get through their website and find something I could use to sew with haha. Love your clutch bag idea 🙂


    1. Yes, it’s quite a challenge isn’t it? Quite a different range of fabrics.
      I think they are looking to change the website a bit after some feedback they’ve had.


  5. Hi, I’m part of the Blogger team too – nice to meet you 🙂 Just liek you I’m more of a crafter than seamstress but im determined to improve my skills and try out some dress patterns.
    As for the bag…I love the look of the mint rufflre style one! Theres too many beautiful fabrics to choose from though, i can see why your having trouble xx


    1. Good to meet you! There are a few of us I’m now in contact with. I’m hoping to venture out into dressmaking too but many of the White Tree Fabrics might be a little advanced for me yet!


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