African Flower Sunday

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Today, for one brief day, the sun came out!

The promise of a pancake breakfast lured my daughter out of bed to join me in an early morning bike ride down our local section of the cycle network before the hoards descended on the area to enjoy the sunshine.

A quick trip to ikea to finally replace our rotting garden furniture culminated in an hour of rather successful joint flat back erection.

A new garden table against which to photograph my finished African Flowers.

African Flowers
Lovely new table

African Flowers in the Sun
African Flowers in the Sun
African Flowers
Let the sewing begin!

I also dug out my Planet Penny stash of cotton.

Planet Penny Cotton Stash
Planet Penny Cotton Stash. Isn’t it amazing what the sun does to the colours?

This is the haul for my first amigurumi, the stripy giraffe. The first of many amigurumi I intend to crochet between now and December for the little people of the family.
This is the original giraffe ( by Emma from I love Buttons) I came across a few months ago on Pinterest and promptly lost. But now he is found once more! I love the stripes.


Emma's Crochet Giraffe Pattern
Emma’s crochet giraffe

Pattern by Emma of ILoveButtons . Miss B of InStitches was kind enough to direct me to the pattern, after my request on a previous post. It was exactly the one I was looking for.

The BBC have promised us rain and chill again for the next few days. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

Love, Lucie x


  1. ‘flat back erection’?? ooer missus! I assume you mean flat pack which doesn’t sound quite so thrilling.
    Loving all those african flowers and the giraffe is gorgeous although I think you should have gone for a zebra if you wanted stripes – just saying!


  2. Lucie, you are such an inspiration with your crafty ideas. I finished my stripy blanket (which I found via your blog) before I left on vacation. The striped giraffe is such a cute idea! Have a great week. (I hope to post my stripy blanket photo next week)


    1. I wish I could take credit for the giraffe but this one is the image from the pattern. I’ve edited the post as you were not alone in thinking it was mine. Thanks for popping by.


    1. I’m sure I’ll use the table as a backdrop for masses of photos. It’s good to have plenty of light again for photographs after such a long grey winter.


  3. Your crochet is so wonderful.. Was the giraffe pattern easy to follow? I can crochet a little and have seen many little critters like him and long to make one but patterns scare me (that is crochet patterns not spots and stripes!) xxx


  4. First off, STASH-*ENVY*!! :-} Even though I have *enough* to FILL a shop!
    And, BRILLIANT job on ALL of those HEXes!! – Personally, I’ve always loathed that “Assembly Required” bit! So, kudos to You *when* You get it done!
    BTW, love that Giraffe too. And the Quilt it’s sitting on…


    1. I love this Planet Penny cotton. I save it for all my mini makes. It came as a mixed lot so all the colours go well together.
      Unfortunately the giraffe is not mine but I hope mine looks as good!


  5. Wow, your African flowers are looking lovely, and a great choice of colours too. I’ve seen quite a few images of these recently, and i’m not sure I’ll be able to resist making one for much longer. Look forward to seeing your version of the giraffe, he is very cute!


  6. Super colours on the African flowers. Your crochet is so neat, with no sloppy gaps like I get in mine! Wonder if I can come join your family as a little one so I can have a giraffe?


    1. The giraffe is great fun to do. Two arms completed so far.
      As for the hexagons, they didn’t take long at all. I had a bit of a system going with each colour way.


    1. Ha, ha! I’m hoping to serve afternoon tea the day before my wedding so the relatives can all meet each other. I couldn’t be responsible for giving them all splitters.


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