Muesli and Pear Muffins

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I’ve just nipped downstairs and rustled up a batch of these.

Muesli and Pear Muffins
Muesli and Pear Muffins

This is the second time I’ve made these lovely muffins.

The pears keep them moist and the muesli on top gives them a little crunch. Last time we ate them at breakfast. And when no longer fresh, warmed them through and served them with custard for dessert.

The recipe came from my new Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking cookbook. I’m not normally a fan of his but everyone of these recipes so far has been an absolute winner. This is something to be especially  applauded as a new introduction to the dinner table is usually viewed with a great deal of suspicion with me being accused of, ‘experimenting again’!

So with a busy bank holiday weekend ahead it is especially nice to get the cake tins filled up.

We will be busy because my daughter, Freya, turns 13 on Sunday. To celebrate, this afternoon we are having a baking party at our local artisan bakery, Time bakery/Coffee shop.

At 3.30pm they will close the shop and for 2 and a half hours will help 12 girls to create yummy delights to be proud off to take home.  There will also be a party tea and a Birthday Cake! (I’ll take photos!)

Yes, I’ve cheated and let someone else do all the hard work. I will sit back with my coffee and watch. I’ve been told by my lovely daughter NOT to get involved. Charming!

Love Lucie x



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