My daughter, the teenager

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Today my daughter turns into a teenager.

Me and my daughter.
Me and my daughter.

To Freya every birthday is a day to look forward to, to celebrate and enjoy being the centre of attention.

To a mother a child’s birthday doesn’t go by without a moment to amaze at the miracle by which a baby is conceived, born and develops into a young person with independence and opinions.
Leap forward to secondary school and a mother can only hope that their child chooses their way carefully and makes friends with those in who’s company they can relax and be themselves.
I am so fortunate to witness seven such lovely friends at my daughter’s baking party, yesterday afternoon.

Indulgent birthday cake, courtesy of the bakery.
Indulgent birthday cake, courtesy of the bakery.

Eight 12 and 13 year old behaving like 12 and 13 year olds, enjoying baking in each other’s company and delighting in their creations.

Cup cake partyCup cake partyCup cake party


Thanks to the Time Bakery in Wakefield for creating such a special afternoon.


Love, Lucie x





  1. With one just out of her teens and another with not long to go, another ‘amazement’ is how blooming quickly the time goes.
    That is some birthday cake! It sounds like a brilliant place for a party. It looks like they made some gorgeous things. Did you partake at all?


    1. No, I didn’t partake. I’ve made enough cup cakes in my time! Myself and another mum just sat on a settee with lovely coffee and watched. They could be themselves with us out of they way.


  2. Hapy Birthday to Freya. She is already as tall as you! A lovely daughter a lovely day and lovely cakes. Are those full size jaffa cakes on that orange iced cup-cake? Quite a meal in itself! 🙂


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