Easter bunnies and an Easter chick (duck) garland

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 With Spring trying to push its head up through the still cold damp earth I thought it was about time to take down the Scottie dog garland from my much loved good old Welsh Dresser and replace it with something more seasonal.

Scottie garland
Scottie garland

This presented me with a perfect seasonal opportunity for my third Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network Post.

My Minerva fabric kit contained all the fabric I needed for my project, a bobbin of yellow cotton thread and a length of yellow ribbon. I added some buttons from my stash and some further ribbon. I also found some polystyrene eggs I had bought, and not used, many Easter’s ago. I believe you can buy these at Minervacrafts too.Easter fabric

A quick search on the internet led me to examples of chicks and rabbit templates. After a bit of a sketch I drew up something I was happy with. Well, I say happy but I wasn’t entirely convinced my chick looked like a chick, but more like a duckling. Try as I might, I could not get my chick silhouette to look more like a chick so it has stayed a little duckling-looking.

A really easy project, this one.

A simple sew on the machine, turn the right side out, stuff and stitch.Easter chick garland

A tip when you are machine sewing slightly awkward shapes is to keep your fabric a reasonable size. In other words, don’t cut out all your chicks into individual squares. Draw them out onto one piece of fabric for sewing and them cut them all out later.Easter chick garland

Another tip is to use your pinking shears for cutting them out. There is far less clipping of curves to do this way. Just some clipping on the tight inside curves required.Easter bunnies

Yet I wasn’t happy with just my bunnies and chicks (ducks). To finish off my Easter theme I wanted some eggs.

I took a polystyrene egg and divided into 4 segments with a kitchen knife. I cut about 5mm deep into the egg.Polystyrene fabric Easter eggs

I cut out four ‘petal’ shapes and persuaded the edges of the fabric into the groove using my ‘unpicker’.Polystyrene fabric Easter eggsPolystyrene fabric Easter eggs

Polystyrene fabric Easter eggsAfter I had covered all the eggs I finished them off by covering the grooves with some thin ribbon, using a ‘prit stick’ along the grooves to stick the ribbon fast. Polystyrene fabric Easter eggsSuch an easy project to do. Perfect for a child with a little help cutting the groves into the eggs.

I was really please with how these turned out.Polystyrene fabric Easter eggs

A perfect Easter display.Easter bunny display

Easter bunny display

All set up for Easter.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. You are far too hard on yourself but I guess you had an image in your head and if it doesn’t exactly match that image, you can’t be 100% happy with it.

    Personally, I think that the chicks and bunnies look brilliant , as do the eggs – so bright, cheerful and spring like. Well done you 🙂


    1. Thanks. They are growing on me now! We are taking a break somewhere warm (shame) at Easter so I wanted to make something a little early so the festival didn’t go unnoticed.


  2. Aww they are all just sooo gorgeous! Especially all together, what a fantastic image of Easter loveliness 🙂 Great tip on how to decorate the eggs too, might have to give that one a go! x


  3. Oooo…I like how you did those eggs. Looks time-consuming though. — BTW, LOVE both of your Garlands!! – I’ve been thinking about doing some myself “THIS” year! *IF* I can get my mind past actually cutting *INTO* any of my beloved Fabric-Stash!!


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