Special Fabric delivery from the Offset Warehouse

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Do you remember I told you I had got through to the second round of the Offset Warehouse Big Spring Contest? Well my fabric package from the Offset Warehouse arrived last week.

I was really intrigued to discover whether my chosen fabrics were indeed suitable for the project I had in mind.

To refresh, this is my proposed project bucket bagOff set warehouse competition entry

And here is my fabric.Offset warehouse fabric

I thought I might share with you why these fabrics are so special. Clicking on the photos will take you directly to the Offsett Warehouse site for more eco goodness.

This is the banana fabric that will form the main part of my bag.

Banana fabric from the Offset Warehouse
Banana fabric from the Offset Warehouse

This fabric is hand-woven using thick banana yarns that have been dyed before weaving. The warp and weft yarns are irregular in size which adds a wonderful depth and mottled texture to the textile. It is thick, warm, matt and has a stiff body to it. It does fray easily but I’m going to use an iron-on adhesive to prevent further unravelling as I sew.

This will be the lining fabric

Scarlet Hand-block organic cotton
Scarlet Hand-block organic cotton

A bright scarlet-red fabric peppered with big, white flowers. The design is printed by hand using a “hand-block” technique, so the fabric has a truly rich, authentic feel. The dyes are azo-free and the cotton is organic and totally biodegradable. The weaving and printing is done in a cooperative and certified Fair Trade by the WFTO. As it is a hand-made product, the process uses virtually no energy or water!

And this will be used as the outside pocket.

Chakra Hand Block Canvas
Chakra Hand Block Canvas

This is heavier than the scarlet cotton; made in much the same way. It would make fabulous tote bags.

In all I am very pleased with my choices.

I have to pull this one together this weekend.

Watch this space.


Love, Lucie xx


    1. They are not fabrics I would normally choose but it’s really opened my eyes into using hand made, imperfect textiles rather than the usual we see on-line and in the fabric chains.


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