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I’ve completed my second pair. My second pair of stripy socks.

Knitted Socks
I could do these in my sleep now
and whilst I’d love to try something with a different stitch or pattern there is something to be said for some mindless evening knitting after a long day.

Knitted Socks
I washed the green and yellow ones again and this time the dye didn’t run. So it seems my earlier fears of unfast dye were unfounded.
What I would like to know from those of you with hand knitted socks is do you now just through them in with the rest of the wash or do you continue to treat them with kid gloves?

Off to Bolton for a couple of days for some training on some new software.
Apparently, you CAN teach an old dog some new tricks.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I put mine in a laundry net bag and sling them in the machine with the rest of the wash, usually a cool 30 wash but I have some wool/cotton mix that are better at 40.


  2. I hate hand washing but I was washing my merino wool handwash only socks by hand and they were still tending to mat a little, so one week I threw them in the normal ‘delicates’ wash at 30 and they were no worse. My other handwash socks are from yarn that says they are okay for machine washing and I have had no problems. Wool washes normally say 40. Not sure if that would be better than delicates.


  3. These are so cute! I still can’t imagine being able to get as much done as you do. Your hands are busy all the time! Stripedy socks are the best!


  4. I am still battling with a myriad of projects so have sadly yet to complete a pair of socks! I have followed your link to the made by patch site to join in the blanket project for a nice easy something to do. Will let you know about washing my socks if I ever get them finished, I am still struggling to be inspired with sock making.


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