Wounded in action

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Woe is me, woe is me.
I know there are far more serious things to get upset about but my beloved Janome of 13 years has a malfunction.

Janome MyStyle
Janome MyStyle

I can not entirely blame my daughter,
I’ve been putting off a service for several months, but she was the last one to use it. She and a friend had been trying to sew some particularly sticky PVC coated fabric whilst I was out of the house over half term.
Whilst I tried very hard not to put her off carrying out an impromptu sewing project in the future, I’m not sure I was entirely restrained.
The feed dogs are not propelling the fabric back, causing it to stitch in just one place.Janome MyStyle
I was quite surprised how upset I was when I realised my weekend sewing plans were scupered. I have a Minerva Crafts project to finish. A whole week without a machine? Unthinkable.
I’ve undone as many screws as I dare. I’ve blown and swept out the fluff. Nothing is jammed. The feed dogs haven’t been retracted ( that had caught me out before), they still move, they are just not lifting as high with each plunge of the needle.
Today I shall drop her off with the man who I know will take good care of her. The man who’s face lights in praise of the sight of a work horse of a machine in a ‘this is a sturdy little number’ kind of way.
Then drastic action is planned. At the absolute horror of my OH who thinks I’m quite mad, I’m going to Argos to pick up a cheap ‘Brother’. This will be my emergency machine.
A machine to use during services and breakdowns. A machine suitable for everything except for denim and other similar fabrics.
Now my daughter and I will be able to sew side by side.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. Yes, definitely but unfortunately I can’t wait that long! At the advice of Sue (see comment below) I’ve just been and bought a basic Janome from Dunelm. Good to see the British sewing bee are using a Janome. It looks like one step down from mine.


    1. The deed has been done. Not an expense I was expecting to meet this weekend but there is never a good time for a machine to break down. Freya, however, is thrilled to be able to sew along side me. Teaching her some more skills will be fun.


  1. I bought my daughter an entry level Janome for her birthday in the summer and she is very happy with it. It’s always good to have a sparesie. I use my basic Singer for sewing dusty stuff like burlap, etc. and save my Janome for finer fabrics.


    1. There was never going to be a good time for it to break down but I’m glad I now have a spare. I took my machine to the repair shop yesterday. I took off the lid and as predicted the man said, ‘oh, that’s a lovely machine’. He definitely has a soft spot for a Janome! The Sewing Bee are using an almost identical machine so I feel very happy/smug with mine.


  2. I am glad you were able to get a spare so readily – and such a nice machine. You and your daughter will have years of fun sewing side by side. And having a spare when you are about to become a famous crafter is a good idea. 🙂


  3. When I read your title I was worried… Having just read about your rotary cutter! Phew! So glad it was not that. Wow, a two machine house…. Sounds like a dream 😉


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