Fabric cutting for dummies.

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I have splashed out and bought these

Self Healing cutting mat and rotary blade
Self Healing cutting mat and rotary blade

Not a selection of beautiful fabrics or luscious yarn but something to make my crafting life a little more accurate.

I have struggled to cut fabric accurately with rulers, pens and scissors. Now I have no excuse.
No longer will I waste time and fabric trying to obtain that perfect square, let alone 2 pieces of fabric cut the exactly the same dimensions.
My blade even has a guide which enables me to run along my ruler.

TrueCut My Comfort Cutter ergonomic rotary cutter
TrueCut My Comfort Cutter ergonomic rotary cutter

My life is changed.
Fabric cutting for dummies.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it Lucie! I’ve had one for years because I do patchwork and those tools are a must. However, I use them for whenever I need accurate cutting for any crafts. I’ve only recently started to use a rotary cutter for dressmaking patterns but I am finding it more accurate than scissors because the scissors lift the fabric up slightly whereas, with the cutter, it stays flat. I like the look of your cutter though – I think that would be better for cutting patterns than the straight ones – I’ll have to investigate.


    1. This one was a bit pricey but I know i’ll use it so often.
      I had the same problem with scissors. I would always end up with a jagged edge.
      I’m making cosmetic bags for my minerva crafts post this week and it is so much quicker and more accurate than scissors. Loving it already. Should have bought one sooner.


  2. I use mine regularly, even for cutting out pieces for clothes… as long as there are no tight curves/corners it’s way faster than scissors. Enjoy your rotary cutting bliss… just keep your fingers out of the way!


    1. I too had a tiny mat. It’s a whole new experience using the big one. Lots of lovely grid lines to line things up against. Lots of nice right angles to cut. And it makes me clear a large enough space in order to do it all properly. Buy a big mat!


  3. I need to splash out and get exactly what you purchased for your work myself….I have the ruler, need a big self healing board/pad and a good cutter! I don’t cut the straight lines myself with the scissors! Have fun, I will sure post when I get mine…on down the road! Sandy


  4. I’ve just treated myself to a nice big cutting mat plus ruler to go with my rotary cutter. So much easier than using the very small mat that I had before.
    Hope you’re enjoying using yours 🙂


    1. So enjoying using mine. The only problem is storage. I once left my small mat out in the sun, just laid over a box or something. It now has a slight bend in it that I’m unable to get out. So I’m keen to keep this one nice and flat.


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