Swirly crochet cushion complete!

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It’s finished!

Crochet swirly cushion
Crochet swirly cushion

I’m thrilled with this make although credit must go to Little Woolie for the inspiration and pattern that I adjusted to suit my yarn and hook.
Little woolie's blanket

I ran out of grey to finish the edge so trimmed it in a grey/pink.

Swirls Crochet Cushion edging
Swirls Crochet Cushion edging

Due to yarn constraints I stopped at 5 squares wide, 4 squares deep.Crochet swirly cushion
I found some beautiful fabric at the weekend to make up the cushion. That’ll be next weekend’s job.
But look what I arrived home to last night!20140129-082117.jpg

It’s my first delivery from Minerva Crafts!
3 projects worth of fabric and yarn for my posts as one of their network bloggers. It’s like Christmas!
I’ve started with my pom pom cushion which you’ll see when I go live on the 7th February.

You can press on this link to see where I’ll be featured

Love, Lucie x


  1. Yay you got your Minerva parcel! It’s so exciting! Though I currently don’t know where to start with mine haha – I’ve cut out my pattern pieces so that’s something 🙂 your crochet cushion cover looks great too!


  2. That’s so pretty. I love the edging. I’m looking forward to seeing it all finished 🙂

    I had a bag full of yarn delivered today. Such fun diving into the parcel to coo over the pretties.


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