Pumpkin and Parkin

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It seems the creative gene is strong in our family.
I came home last night to a carved pumpkin and some Parkin. Both courtesy of my daughter.

I have a couple of days off now. It’s Freya’s half term this week.
We are off to York today. Just a girly day out. Just the two of us.
I’m going to treat us to lunch at Betty’s (a very famous tearoom if you live in Yorkshire).
And we have an appointment at a vintage wedding dress shop this morning!

Glory Days Vintage Bridalwear

Aside from booking the venue, it’s the first major thing I’ve done towards the big day, next summer. I’m going for inspiration if nothing else.
Happy Halloween!

Love, Lucie. Xx


  1. Oh I love Bettys! Yorkshire Fat Rascals, the ‘Confectioners Custard’ slices (Custard being entirely the wrong word), the tea, the luxuriousness of it all ……. I am feeling pretty envious right now.

    Have fun at the vintage wedding shop ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. We had too much fun at the wedding shop that we didn’t make Betty’s after all. I choose a car park I was unfamiliar with and you had to pay and display instead of paying when you got back. We ran out of time and ended up in a Subway!


      1. No!!!! I keep telling Mud how fabulous Bettys is and that we need to go to York one Christmas. I had hoped the thought of free entry to the Railway Museum may persuade him but 11 years on and I still haven’t managed to get him there yet.

        I hope you found something stunning to wear ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yes, it’s my daughter. She’s 12. When she was born there were very few Freya’s in the UK, it was very unique, but now it is becoming more popular, with at least one other Freya at secondary school. We knew it was the Goddess of Love and Beauty from Norse mythology and she was born on a Friday which ties in with the name also.


  2. I hope you had a super girly day in York. It’s a fabulous place – we went there for our honeymoon. It was all we could afford at the time but it was still one of our best holidays.

    Looks like Freya is following in mum’s footsteps. The parkin looks yummy and the pumpkin is brilliant xx


  3. Love the look of the parkin. It’s years since i had any.
    The vintage wedding shop looks lovely. I’m sure there’ll be lots of inspiration.


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