Secret Santa

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Is any one creating something in secret for a person in their household for Christmas?
Is there a project you get out the moment that special someone has left the house?
I’ve several projects underway which I undertake on specific nights when that someone or other has disappeared to karate/swimming/the pub(not my daughter)/her dad’s.
This is the first I shall share with you.

Classic Cable scarf free pattern

This is a free pattern by Lion Brand. I have a lovely royal blue merino wool;the OH is quite scared of colour.
Mind you I think I could wrap up the rather gorgeous chap above for Christmas. I least I’ll be spending Monday and Wednesday nights with him whilst the OH is swimming.

Love Lucie xx


  1. Very very nice 😉😉😉😉
    D doesn’t want anything hand knitted. I don’t know why. He’s quite happy to give it to his family. I think he’s afraid it’ll be a Mick Aston style jumper. He generally wear sludge colours. Though he did once admire the jumper I made for my Dad for his 65th in Rowan Cocoon and say he’d like one the same… Which at £120+ for the wool wasn’t going to happen!


    1. It’s about the only thing he would wear of mine but he’s so difficult to buy for I’m hoping at least he’ll appreciate the effort that’s gone into it.
      I wouldn’t risk an expensive wool jumper. Unless he bought the wool which is highly unlikely!


  2. That’s a really nice scarf I might see if my husband will let me knit him one of these for when he goes fishing, however he saw a hat he wanted and I said I will give it go and knit him one, but then I can not get the tag on it to show the fishing company make so he declined my offer. 😦 I was thinking I would like to knit mug jackets for people to keep their tea or coffee warmer 🙂


  3. Well I’m knitting that little green cardi for Little Mudlet (which she thinks is for Eldest Mudlet – no appreciation of the size of things at her age) and then I’m knitting a top for Eldest Mudlet which she knows about but has no idea as to pattern or colour etc. Then I plan to make Middle Mudlet something on the QT as well 🙂

    I like that scarf though but doubt Mud would wear anything hand knitted … or if he did it would no doubt be covered in oil and/or diesel in next to no time!


      1. I should do. I only have the sleeves left to do on Little Mudlets cardi and once the wool arrives for Eldest Mudlets top it’s a fairly quick knit pattern. Which should leave me plenty of time to do something for Middle Mudlet 🙂


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