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It’s been a funny weekend. A weekend of impromptu enforced house arrest. My daughter had come down with throat infection. She’s rarely ill but you would have thought it was the end of the world; she was so miserable.
So what is a person to do after making muesli bars, leek and potato soup and an apple cake but make a start on some Christmas presents.
My daughter was pleased with the pencil case I made her. It must have stood up to her peers’ standards as she requested a further one for her felt tips.
So all the younger members of the family are receiving these. I thought that one of these filled with some new felt tips and a matching purse with a little silver would be perfect for both the girls and boys of my friends and family.
These are the ones for the girls.Pencil casesPencil cases tutorialPencil case tutorial
I came across this helpful tutorial for these pencil cases on Pinterest from the blog, Flossieteacakes.
I’m still after some appropriate fabric for boys. I looking for a fairly small print. Cars or monsters or action heros but not too young.
I’ve come across a few potentials but am not prepared to pay for postage for fabric from America. So if you come across anything please let me know.

Apple cake taken from Hugh Fearnley-W’s book, Cake. Lovely warm with some creme fraiche

Funnily enough my daughter did manage some cake.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Lovely pencil cases. I like the idea of contrasting colours for the zips.
    Don’t get me started on postage costs !!! I’ve got quite a few fabric websites bookmarked on my computer so would you like me to pass them on to you.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better. I’m sure your yummy cake would help I’m her recovery… xx


    1. That looks perfect. Can you tell me if the pattern, as shown on the website, is true to size. Any larger, it’ll be too big.
      Sorry about the C word. I have a problem with a mental list in my head and always feel better if I’ve a few ticked off. My friends say I’m too organised. I know I’m neurotic.


  2. the pencil cases are a fantastic idea for Christmas pressies, i just know they’ll be treasured especially as they’ve been handmade!

    yum, you apple cake looks delicious, just the thing to coax your daughter back to health πŸ™‚ x


  3. Cake is the best medicine for all ailments I reckon! You pencil cases are fabulous, and they certainly look sturdy. I’m with you on getting ahead for christmas – although I don’t think I’m getting very far! Have a great week x


  4. Hahaha! The title of this post made me laugh πŸ™‚ For crafters though I don’t think it’s ever to soon to start thinking about Christmas presents. Last minute present making really takes the fun out of creativity! x


    1. I would love the cowboy print but I feel they wouldn’t pass the cool test in the middle of primary school. I’ve sourced some superhero fabric. At least they’ll actually get used then.


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