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My first knitted jumper is progressing.
This week I learnt what a ‘Raglan shoulder’ is and also that the undoing of said shoulder detail was called ‘frogging’.

Still loving this grey recycled cotton aran

I hope to finish the front this weekend but I’ve several other projects in mind.
I’ve already primed a couple more glasses cases for a little decoupage.

I want to use some paler papers this time so they needed a white under coat.
Hopefully they’ll turn out as well as the last one.

Decopatch glasses case
Decopatch glasses case

I’ll also be continuing my CAL crochet stripy blanket.

I always look forward to to sitting down for an hour on a Sunday afternoon with my blanket.

I’ve been thinking that I might need to start adding a few extra rows each week. I think we are on week 13 and with less than 4 months until Christmas, by which I hope to have finished, I may be a few rows short of a blanket.

And there’s some more blackberries with my name on that require picking. And some gardening.

No rest for the wicked.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Love, Lucie xx


  1. Wow, you have been busy this week! Love the grey of your jumper and the blanket is gorgeous. Along with knitting, learning to crochet is on my list. Is the blanket a good way to master different patterns?


    1. To be honest the different patterns are all just different mixes of the same 3 or 4 stitches. I would work on getting your tension even first. Lots and lots of chain stitch followed by a small square sample of rows of doubles, trebles and half trebles (English terms). It’s so much easier than knitting and impossible to drop stitches. Good luck with it.


  2. Impressive blanket! I have started knitting a cardigan, but its slow going as i’m not a very fast knitter – thanks for sharing


  3. I love the shade of the grey yarn of your jumper, and the pattern is beautiful, too! If you do end up throwing in some extra rows in the CAL (and by all means, do!), just make sure you end up on the same side the written pattern will be on. I guess since the installments are always even numbers you can just make sure you do an even number of added rows. šŸ™‚


  4. OK I believe you about the frogging! The finished jumper should look good and it’s always nice to wear something made by your own fair hands. I love the decopatch glasses cases, reminds me of a post on a site that showed you how to recover shoes – fancy that? Love your blanket too, nice and cheerful. ‘A couple of rows short of a blanket’ is now a phrase I shall adopt – I love it – ‘beats a few sandwiches short of a picnic’. Oh I ought to mention the shoes were covered in fabric, not paper.


    1. The frogging was due to not reading the pattern through first. I thought I’d understood it but ended up with the decreasing stitches sort of the wrong way round; if you know what I mean.
      Nearly finished my next glasses case. Hope to post early this week.


  5. Your jumper is coming along beautifully as is your blanket. I was all set to go brambling today but then got distracted and ended up sanding down the bench outside, I will be applying some teak oil tomorrow so it is all nice and new again ready for next spring.


  6. Your jumper is coming on a treat. You inspired to pick up my needles again and I’m doing the navy boatneck one from the same knitting book. I’ve already done the back and half a sleeve but it is on big needles and is all garter stitch so it’s a breeze.
    Love the blanket and would love to give it a go but crochet is dead to me šŸ™‚


  7. The navy boatneck is lovely. Just what I would choose to wear.
    As for the crochet, it’s probably unnecessary to master yet another skill. I think you probably have enough already.:)


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