Another Olivia Blouse

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There couldn’t be just one Olivia Blouse by Atelier Jupe in my wardrobe.

I loved my previous one in Minerva Viscose but that one is put away for warmer days.

I loved the silhouette and paired with this gorgeous Atelier Brunette Lucie Viscose in ochre makes for a lovely special blouse, I think.

I made up the UK size 10, as before. However, this fabric has a little more body than the Minerva viscose and I felt I was swimming in fabric. I had already completed the whole thing at this point so I took it in about half an inch both sides from the bottom hem, up the sides and into the arm, grading to nothing at around the elbow.

I don’t think I would downsize next time as it fits perfectly around the shoulders and neck.

I lengthened the sleeves again, by another 2 inches over my previously lengthen sleeves which gives me a better sleeve length for this time of year.

Made just before Christmas, I’ve worn it a lot.

This will look equally as good tucked into some denim shorts, come summer.

Love, Lucie xx


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