Papercut Patterns Axis Dress

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Another dress for my holiday, the Axis Dress by Papercut Patterns in a striped viscose linen.

I squirreled this out of 2m of fabric, bought recently with this dress in mind from Walton’s Fabrics, Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire ( bricks and mortar shop only). The pattern said 2.5m, which I would agree with but I got away with it by piecing the unseen inside facing of the 2 wraps.

I LOVE the back! I intentionally worked these stripes horizontally.

It perfectly covers my bra straps which are held in place at the front with these hidden ingenious clips

Described as a vintage-inspired straight neckline and waist ties that can be wrapped around to tie at the front, or fastened at the back to form a plunging back ( I’ll not be doing that! ;)). You can choose between a figure-hugging pencil skirt with front split and an equally classic and flattering A-line silhouette. 

It’s a construction like I’ve never seen before. The ties, as I have tied them, hide the invisible zip at the top of the rear of the skirt. The top section is only connected to the front of the skirt.

I couldn’t find much guidance on the sizing in reviews of this dress. So made the size 3/4 at the bust, grading to a size 5 at the waist and back down to a size 3/4 at the hip.

I did not make a toile, I just adjusted as I went along.

With hindsight I could have started a whole size down every where.

It gaped under the arm so I lowered the armsyce at the front and took the whole thing in 1cm down each seam, continuing down to the bottom hem.

Then it still flapped around my upper bust, so I made 2 darts to take this out, without first taking off the facing!. It’s pretty ugly on the inside but only I ( and now you!) know that!!

Next time I would also lift the waist seam by one inch, and drop the top of the front by an inch too.

I cut 3 inches off the bottom. I’m 5 ft 3

The wrap feature allows for a good dinner!!

Another frock I’m looking forward to wearing!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Lovely dress. I think the choice of stripes horizontal /and vertical really works well with this design. Don’t confess about the insides, no-one sees! I always like to see what you do with dresses because I think we have similar body shapes and certainly we are about the same height. This type of dress is certainly one that I think I could wear, if I could get over my dress-phobia!

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