Jalie Soft Shell Jacket for Henry

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Just over 2 years ago I made this, for myself

I saw at the time that the jacket actually comes in 27 sizes right down to child age 2!

So for Christmas 2021, having sourced some amazing glow in the dark (that’s dubious!) dinosaur fabric, I made one for my grandson, Henry. He came to stay a couple of weeks ago and his mum kindly gave me permission to take and publish these images.

This is the Jalie 2679 Soft Shell Jacket.

Henry is nearly 6. I made the age 6 (size J). But Henry is slim, so I would recommend sizing up.

The fabric came from 1st for Fabrics but I can only see the grey version on their site. I’ve seen some blue on this etsy shop It’s a fleece back waterproof soft shell fabric.

A little tip about this soft shell fabric. It took me a while to solve the skipping stitches, especially while top stitching the thick seams. I found a microtex needle ( I got through several) worked best for missing stitches and also reducing the tension and lengthening the stitch length. Once I’d sorted that out it was plain sailing. The overlocker needed no such adjustment and just loved this fabric. A good clean out of both machines was needed afterwards!

There are lots of pieces, lots of steps, lots of details.

And lots of top stitching!

And of course, every jacket needs a hook.

All the effort was worth while as apparently he wears it a lot.

I can see more of these incredibly useful garments in the future.

I wear mine so much over the winter when out walking. My most practical make.

But not as cute as my Grandson

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I loved your jacket so much I ordered the pattern! I have a jacket (GAP) much like this one that I wear all the time and it wasn’t until recently I realized it was made of “scuba”. I’ve been thinking for some time I need another one of these! So perfect over a long sleeve tee for cooler days but you don’t want something TOO hot or heavy. Thank you for this post! So helpful 🙂

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  2. I have been following you for many years but I must have not been paying attention 6 years ago when your gorgeous grandson arrived. I remember when you got married and you made so many beautiful things, including bags for yourself and your daughter. Where did the years go? Lovely jacket Lucie. Your sewing skills are so good now and it shows. 🙂

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  3. Hi again Lucie. I have just searched your back entries and realise that your daughter hasn’t suddenly produced a 6 year old grandson. I thought I was going mad and that more years had slipped by than I realised. I do find this is the case often when reading my regular blogs. 🙂

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    1. 🤣 Yes, a blended family. I’m so fortunate that a have a grandson to watch grow up much earlier than I would have had and be able to sew for him and have him to stay. I’m hoping for a few more years until my daughter has a child – but you never know! 🙂


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