Success with my Ginger Jeans!!

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Yes! I made jeans!

This feels like a huge milestone and a great start to working on the ‘bottom’ half of my wardrobe.

I thought I’d pop outside for these photos. Hopefully by my next blog post my husband will have progressed with his fence stain, to this end of the garden!

So these are my new jeans. The Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns. My husband was confused by me wanting to make jeans and couldn’t get his head around why I wouldn’t just buy a new pair.

As many of us know, especially as we get older, and our shape changes ( in my case my waist thickening in relation to my disappearing bum) those well fitting jeans become harder to find, even if we wanted to (or could) trek around the shops.

I’d had enough of uncomfortable tight waistbands or a baggy bum.

But what I didn’t realise is that by making these I have in fact produced the most comfortable pair of jeans I have owned in years. I’ve heard this said before from other bloggers/vloggers who had made up these jeans but I had never quite believed it.

I put these through their paces yesterday. After the posing in the garden I spent the day weeding, bagging up the ever growing garden waste pile, driving to thankfully obtaining some plain flour newly delivered to our local farm shop, doing my 3 mile walking circuit, cutting out my next pattern on the floor, cooking (and eating) diner and collapsing on the settee for a couple of hours. All without a belt and the need to change into something more comfy!!!!!

Of course you’ll need to see the bum shot.

I’d put off these jeans for so long but temporary unemployment from the construction industry was a now or never moment.

The Ginger Jeans instructions were superb. I followed the guidance for basting for fitting at the beginning and followed the instructions for adjustments. As the seem allowance was a generous 16mm, I went straight in with my chosen fabric, a 11oz stretch (3%) denim in indigo from Gutherie and Ghani. I didn’t want to make up a toile in fabric that wouldn’t react in exactly the same way.

It appears to be out of stock but was £12.99/m. I ordered 2.1m. I bought my button, Prym Jeans needles (90) and topstitching thread from there too.

In brief, my adjustments. I made the high rise skinny View B version.

Shortened pattern at the shorten line at the knee by 2 inches after noting I was 3 inches shorter than the drafted model.

Cut out an 8 on the hips grading to a size 12 at the waist, basted together (using a bright coloured thread)

Felt like a was wearing a huge nappy, so unpicked, and re cut to a size 8, grading to a size 10 at the waist.

Basted again. Much better but gaping at the small of my back. Unpicked waist band and yoke, recut yoke taking out a dart shaped wedge from both sides 2 inches from the centre.

Basted again. Again, much better. Took in 5mm each side from below the waistband to my hip.

Then made up with no further adjustments apart from another 2inches off the length although I now wish I had only taken off 1 inch!!

The top stitching thread was such a contrast to the indigo, I had to get it perfect. There were few lines I didn’t stitch twice and so used up 2 whole spools of topstitch thread.

My mid range Pfaff Passport machine handled the denim beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised.

There were a few tools I benefited from and I would heartily recommend these.

White, heat disappearing ink

Roller for pressing small seams, reducing the trips to the iron.

Pfaff adjustable edge stitching foot

A hump jumper

I made no adjustments to the crotch curve. I don’t think I could have improved on it. The stretch in the denim took care of most things!!

So there you have it. I’m on a roll. I need a paler denim pair next.

Then the Hey June Cargo pants, Closet Case Sasha trousers ( for when I finally get back to work), True Bias Lander pants………

Stay safe everyone!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’m hugely impressed. As an only occasional dressmaker I would never try jeans. Though for myself I miss the comfort fit jeans they sold at one time. I imagine after the jeans making the other trousers will seem easy.

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  2. Wow, you look amazing in these jeans. I am definitely going to have to attempt them as it appears I too have a thickening waist and receding bum! (not that you look like you do, I hasten to add!). Thanks for posting this!

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  3. What a great fit ! I too despair about the fit of jeans as I get older ! When I was a teenager or in my young twenties practically anything I tried fitted me – then the lumps and bumps started appearing ,ha ha! I do think making jeans must be very brave, particularly as the top stitching is designed to show so much – well done!

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    1. Thank you! It’s taken me about 6 months to work up the confidence to attack them! I used to be ‘curvy’ and now more ‘straight up and down’ 🤔 but I’m glad I no longer have to shop for them!

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  4. These look good and very brave to do the topstitching in such a contrasting thread – I must admit to chickening out with that a bit. Also, my machine definitely didn’t like the multi layers at the buttonhole so, next time, I’m going to use a stabiliser plate I’ve bought especially. I’m not sure whether to do another pair of Gingers next or try Megan Nielsen’s Dawn jeans which are more traditional using non-stretch denim. I have all I need to get started just got to get up the steam. Your denim looks good – I had trouble finding denim (even fairly expensive stuff) that didn’t bleach out colour unevenly in the pre-wash.
    As for disappearing bums, where have they all gone? I would like mine back.

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    1. I tried to use top stitching thread on the button hole but that just didn’t work, but normal thread was fine. And it was only 2 layers of denim so no problem. Regarding denim, I would always trust the Guthrie and Ghani shop. They us usually steer towards the higher end of the fabric material but I didn’t think 12.99/m unreasonable. I have a couple of pairs of the more traditional jeans in rtw with a good few years in them yet but I’m really drawn to some brightly coloured gingers. However as I’m currently living off my husband I’m not sure he’ll see fabric as an ‘essential’ item 😉unless of course it’s supporting my mental health!

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    1. It was a defining moment the day I made my own jeans too. I have a large hip to waist ratio so I always felt like I could pop a loaf of bread into the back of my waistband on rtw. My dad never understood why I wanted to make them either but I think the male form is just easier to buy for. Well done you. Jo xxx

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