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Those who have followed my blog over the past years will know that I dabble in all sorts of fibre arts. In fact I have to have something creative in my hands for that hour or two I get to sit down on an evening, to prevent me from nodding off!

So being contacted by Hunkydory Crafts at the same time as redecorating my sewing space was a happy coincidence resulting in me choosing something from their website to keep my hands occupied and me awake for a few evenings this summer.

I’d been admiring other sewing spaces from afar for years. I’m lucky to have a space where my machine can be out permanently, sharing the smallest room in the house with my husband who uses it as an office but this is the first time it has ever looked presentable enough to photograph.

Ta dah! Yes, this use of IKEA pin boards are not unique but all my bits and pieces make it my own. But did you spot my felt feathered friends?

I LOVE my hens!!

These are out of the Folk Embroidered Felt Birds Book by Corinne Lapierre which together with the quality beautifully marled Decracraft felt was gifted to me by Hunkydory Crafts. The instructions are simple and clear, with all the templates to trace out at the back of the book. The wire legs are incredibly simple and made out of garden wire and floristry tape!

Hunkydory Crafts are an award winning craft retailer, primarily of papercrafts, located in Preston. You’ll often find them featuring in magazines, on social media and on Create & Craft TV, but there is a good selection of fabric crafts too.

Of course I couldn’t stop at the hens.

You might recognise a blue tit.

Although the pheasant needs a little more imagination!

I can see many robins in my not too distant future!!!!

So I am now very happy in my work space. A new floor, newly painted walls, shelves, new electric sockets in lieu of an extension cable. I have my cotton reels to my right.

And all my favourite and useful things around me.

Thank you to Hunkydory Crafts for their generous gift.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I like to keep my hands busy for the same reason . Usually I knit though – at present just finished a Norwegian cardigan up on my last blog post . I usually have socks on the go – two at a time on a circular needle.

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