When the basics are anything but.

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I came across this pleasingly simple top whilst browsing ‘inst-antlylooseanhourofyourlife-agram.’ I fell for its cool elegant slightly utilitarian look. It’s the Delpy Ballet Top and Dress from Halfmoon Atelier (image taken from Halfmoon Atelier website)

I picked up some linen but almost a ticking fabric. (Ticking is a cotton or linen textile that is tightly woven for durability and to prevent down feathers from poking through the fabric, and used to cover mattresses and bed pillows.- Wikipedia) with a stripe running through it from a pleasant recent 3hr(!) visit to Abakhan in Mostyn with my mum, specifically to make more or less a straight copy.

I made up a size 4, in accordance with my bust measurement. I initially quickly basted the main front and back together to check the fit and saw that I would have to take advantage of the 5/8” seam allowance to give me an extra cm all around.

I also could see that the shoulder seam was a long way off the top of the shoulders and so would also need to do what I could within the allowance here.

I undid my basted seams and made it up. My daughter was on hand to pin the shoulder seams to the top of my shoulders whilst ensuring the back was completely flat to my back, taking out any of the gaping you see above.

I’m delighted with it!

I love how it completely covers my bra straps and stays in place without any fiddling with throughout the day.

The gathering was so easy to do but, so effective

Whilst on a roll I made up another! In a stashed light weight cotton.

This time ensuring I had extra strap length to play with.

The crisp finish is due to the half lining.

But I didn’t stop at 2!

This is made up with some original Indian block printed cotton. I picked it up in Unravel Crafts, Denby Dale, where the owner dedicates a floor of her yarn shop to pieces she has picked up on her travels from her network of suppliers from women’s co-operatives and family producers in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

So that’s summer tops sorted; we just need a summer! But I think you could say I wholeheartedly recommend this pattern!

Love, Lucie x


  1. I like them all – the back is gorgeously scooped. Unfortunately I can’t have any ruching going on near my already generous embonpoint.
    The ‘ticking’ version is probably my favourite but I did laugh at your photos wearing that one – you look so cross 😣

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    1. Ha! The ticking version is my favourite too. I have so many of me smiling but I really dislike how my eyes crinkle up making me look old and tired!! Much better cross looking but with smooth skin!!


  2. Lovely tops. I should take a leaf out of your book and multiple make things like this – really sets you up for summer. Looks like you nailed your fit too.Must admit that I have a slight fear of sleeveless tops as I find them so tricky to fit and I know that something like this “basic” top will take me ages to make because of all the fit issues.

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      1. I did make some Sorbettos, but I still think the fit could be better. I think I need to start again from scratch and really put the effort in. I have quite a wide back, not much of a waist and a short body. I tend to change every single pattern line when I adjust a top – such a lot of work!

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  3. This looks really chic. Perfect for the current weather. I went on the Abakhan website to try and get some, and it looks as if this colour is sold out – they should pay you commission!!

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