Just a simple giant granny and a Bakewell tart

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I’ve always fancied crocheting a giant granny blanket. Well this one is more newborn than giant size. It was a pleasure to do.

Just some mindless but very neat crochet.

Round and around and around.

Just one more round.

Go on, just another one.

That is how you end up going to bed far too late, several nights on the trot and wake up with a crochet hangover.

Crochet granny square blanket

I did start a fancy edging but undid it and bordered it in a couple of rows of double crochet.

And I’ve started another.

Crochet circles within squares

I’ve one of these already for sale at my friends Etsy shop, Wool Couture.

Do you like how she has photographed it?

BTW do you likeΒ my goat jug? Only I am allowed to wash the goat jug.

It gets saved for cream to reduce accidental ear damage.

Goat jug

My daughter baked a Bakewell for the weekend. You’d be amazed how quickly the three of us can polish one off.

Love, Lucie x


  1. I lLOVE the way she has photographed it! It looks so classy. I’ve been and favourited your blanket on her shop page. I also love the goat – I love novelty jugs, teapots etc. I have a couple of vintage teapots shaped like dogs.


  2. Very nice! I hope it sells fast. πŸ™‚ The new Granny square blanket is very nice, too – I know what you mean about addicitive “one more round” (or row, usually my case) and stripes seem to encourage it, don’t they? Just one more color change… πŸ™‚ Tart looks delicious! I do believe you can all polish it off quickly.


  3. The edging on the blue/grey blanket works so well! Managed to finish the large granny square I was doing for a newborn and am quite missing it!


  4. Crochet hangover- I love it! I’ve suffered one or two of them before! I really like your blanket and the muted colours you’ve chosen.


  5. Love the blanket, love the goat, and really love Bakewell tart! I’m not so far away if there’s any spare next time you daughter bakes one πŸ˜€ pS the photos show your blanket off very well, and it looks great amongst all her other things for sale on Etsy. πŸ˜€


  6. The bakewell looks like something out of a magazine! My baking tastes nice but rarely looks as pretty as this. Your blanket sits very well in your friend’s shop and she’s styled it to fit in perfectly, so fingers crossed. Blankets are just great for mindless crochet, aren’t they? I really want to start another one but have got too many things on the go at the moment to even consider it.


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