Poppy wave at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Decorating, leaking showers, new wardrobes and the general trashed house that comes along with them have seen my sewing machine hidden from reach and a person too tired to write anything vaguely interesting of late.

I even decided to give Yarndale a miss in lieu of a much needed day of rest.

Sunday’s short trip out however, quite put a spring in my step. Family time well spent.

Many of my regular readers will know I live quite close to and love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And there are not many of you in the UK who will not have heard of last year’s Tower of London poppy installation that my daughter and I had the good fortune to see part way through its full construction.

Well when we heard that a touring poppy exhibition was coming to the YSP we marked up the calendar so as to be sure not to miss it.

We let the first few weeks of the exhibition go by as I knew the great draw it would be and correctly so when we heard of the crowds visiting the park.

When last Sunday’s fog lifted to give us a beautiful day we made the decision to go.

It was busy but not so much that you couldn’t get to the front and take some wonderful photographs without heads and cameras in shot.

A short walk through the park brought us down to the reservoirs in the valley.


The signs led us to approach the display from a distance away.YSP Poppy Wave

YSP Poppy Wave

At 12 o’clock the sun was just high enough to hit the poppy wave.

YSP Poppy Wave

Can you see how it resembles the poppies pouring over the Tower of London entrance bridge across the moat?

Pouring into the moat
Pouring into the moat

This time we were able to get a whole lot closer to the poppies.

The artists would have needed their waders to install these ones.

We sauntered across the bridge to admire from the other side.

It’s lovely to have all enjoyed the trip.

The exhibition runs until the beginning of January 2016. There are more details here. I think I shall return as we move into winter to capture it in another season. Can you imagine frosty poppies?

If you have never been to the YSP there is so much more to see. Definitely worth making a full day of for the whole family. I often dream of just going by myself for a slow wander.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Sorry to hear about your leaking shower – hope it’s sorted soon. The whole sculpture park looks wonderful. The poppies certainly echo the ones at the tower.


  2. We have some poppies locally in Ashington, part of the same 14-18 NOW tour; I haven’t been yet. I also plan to visit YSP again. I saw the poppies in London – fab! Good weather now (after fog lifted) so ought to go soon. Hope you get things sorted out!


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