I’m a little excited

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It’s Friday lunch and I’m a little excited.

Excited for 3 reasons

  1. It’s Friday!


2. I’ve a free weekend and have promised myself to get stuck into my Tilly and the Buttons sewing with jersey, online course.


3. I’ve just received an email that these have been delivered at home.

The first is obviously a tripod. My daughter is having her room painted white which will provide a great backdrop for photographing my makes, especially garments, throughout the winter. I am very fed up of the brick wall of our house.

My camera phone is fast to use and great outside in the daylight but with winter approaching I need to switch to my Nikon DLSR bought for me by my OH for Christmas last year.

However it is a bit of a long winded process to open up our ancient house laptop to up load photos for editing, storing and using on the blog. And of course photos taken that way cannot instantly be shared to facebook or instagram.

This brings me onto the second item, which until yesterday I did not even knew existed!
Apparently this nifty little gadget will plug into my camera and wirelessly send (with the use of an app) all my shots straight to my ipad or phone!!!!!!!
Not only that!!!!!
I can view what my camera is viewing through the screen of the phone and take the shot remotely and wirelessly. Yahooo!!!!!!

No more waiting for slightly grumpy teenager to take my shot.

No more explaining, again, to my OH how to take a shot.

No more, ‘Surely we’ve taken enough now,’ from grumpy teenager and OH.

No more fake smiles at grumpy teenager and OH.

No more, ‘They are rubbish, why didn’t you tell me about my bra strap/knicker line/wrinkles/tired eyes/lipstick on my teeth/ washing in the background.’

In fact I will now be able to TAKE MY TIME and take AS MANY photos as I like and even change my lipstick half way though.

This brings me to the book. D3200 for Dummies. I thought it was about time I learnt to take a shot in a way other than  ‘auto’.

That’s my weekend planned then.

What are you all doing?

Love, Lucie. xx


  1. I’ve read the manual, taken online courses and, I’m afraid to say, still use ‘auto’ most of the time.
    You must have the only teenager in the world who wanted plain white walls in their bedroom. Are you sure there was no coercion involved 😉


    1. No, absolutely not. I liked the blue we painted it 4 years ago! Apparently there is a trending ‘utube-er’ who has pure white walls in her bedroom.
      White is of course a bonus for me. She’s promised to keep a good area opposite her window poster/sticker/blue tack free in lieu of me re decorating her room again.


  2. Brilliant! A whole weekend of sewing AND new ways to take photos – you’re gonna have fun! I’ve got so used to the brick wall backdrop that I don’t notice it any more, a new one will be interesting:)


  3. Sounds perfect to me. I am half way through the crafty course on sewing Jersey. So far have invested in a walking foot. I am hoping to have a bit of time to complete some trouser mock ups ready to cut out the real thing!


  4. Looking forward to seeing the results. The wireless gadget is intriguing – must look into it – but whether I’ll be able to do it or not is another question…


  5. I hope the new camera gadget does the trick. I would love to be able to take my pics all by myself. My husband is pretty good about taking the photos but he doesn’t seem to notice little things like threads showing or backgrounds that look like branches are growing out of my head!


  6. I’m a gadget girl & missed that invention! Sounds exciting! Read your other post after this (working backwards) so hope all is sorted! I’ve a D90 and bought the dummies manual when I got it and my best pics as a result were the fireworks at the Whiterose Christmas light switch on (pre blogging!). Enjoy! You’ll learn all sorts! 😃


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