One finished, another begun

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My circles within squares cotton blanket is complete!

Here it is. Well here it is in duplicate as it looked so lovely out in the sunshine.

I kept the border simple, choosing one of the blue colours to highlight the edge.

I’m pleased I stuck to my gradual colour scheme instead of just mixing them up.Cotton circles within squares crochet blanket

It is lovely and malleable and soft

Cotton circles within squares crochet blanket

I just need to find a couple of props to photograph it officially for my as yet empty (don’t really care if I don’t sell anything because I just love to crochet) etsy shop.

Cotton circles within squares crochet blanket

And I’ve started another.

Cotton granny square crochet blanket
A straight forward giant granny.  It’s in Scheepjeswol cotton 8 again. It’s only 4 ply so it takes a while but I think worth it.

Oh, and I’ve named my shop. ‘Baby One-of-A-Kind’. But  don’t go looking for it. It’s not open for business yet.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. Looking at all the other shops I can see it is highly unlikely that someone would stumble across it, let alone actually buy it! But hey, it costs pennies to run and a shop with a few items in it looks better than just one lonely blanket;)

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      1. Stick to your decent prices because you know what your work is worth (not to mention the cost of the materials used). There will always be someone who will consider the price too high, and you must simply ignore them. 🙂


  1. Well now you’ve got me impatient to see your shop so hurry up and open it!! I absolutely love the way this blanket has turned out, so much, dare I say, nicer than the more usual, predictable ones you come across. I hope it finds a deserving new owner soon after it’s listed:)


      1. I should hope not – it would be nice to think that we could sell crochet at a price somewhere near reflecting the work involved but, like you, I wouldn’t hold my breath!


  2. Wow, you are really cracking along with these! I’m sure your 4 ply one is coming along much quicker than my dk version!!

    Since your last crochet-related post, I have taught myself to do granny squares (isn’t youtube wonderful?) and, barring a couple of muddles at the beginning (something went wrong on top of my new colour joins, not sure what) and a strange propensity to do four trebles instead of three from time to time (why? why??), it’s going ok. That decided me on the format – just keep going on a bigger and bigger granny square. Hopefully, by the time (if ever) I do individual squares, the pattern will be so ingrained in my mind that the beginning stages will be a doddle!

    I was doing 3 rows of each colour. Still not sure if you do the 3 chain, half motif in the corner, go round, complete the corner motif thing just when joining on new colours, or all the time …



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