Crochet on baby blanket

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Whilst my sewing demons may have been getting the better of me recently, although last night I did cut out a True Bias Sutton blouse, my crochet has seen no such challenges.

I’ve been working on my latest baby blanket. Crocheted purely for pleasure and for my imminent but ‘not bothered if they don’t sell’ Folksy and Etsy shops.

Before I went away I had run up these. I’ve been using up my Scheepjeswol Cotton 8 stash.

Crochet baby blanket

On holiday I’m always awake before everyone else. That quiet hour sitting on the balcony with my crochet and the first(best) cup of tea of the day watching sleepy tourists make their way for their bread, or those maniacs head out for their runs, is often one of my favorite parts of the day.

I amazed myself by actually running out of yarn but almost managed to add a border to everyone of my squares.
Crochet baby blanket.
Home now and I’ve started to piece the blanket together. I prefer to crochet the squares together using a double crochet; saving me from too much hand sewing at the end.
Crochet baby blanket
I’ve completed the short seams, now just the long ones to finish and a border.
Crochet baby blanketCrochet baby blanket
Anyone having a baby?

Love, Lucie x


  1. I too usually get up first on holiday and have an hour or too knitting on the balcony – such a lovely part of the day. Blanket’s looking good 🙂


    1. If you don’t start something straight away it might be a good idea just to sit with a ball of yarn and a hook and just practice, practice, practice 🙂
      Lovely that you’ve acquired a new skill:)


  2. What a lovely start to the day, a bit of crochet in the morning sunshine. I suppose I tend to do that too, thinking about it. There’s no way I could get away with that at home, more’s the pity – it’s glorious out there this morning! I love the gradually changing tones in the blanket, very, what’s the word, calming.


  3. When I read your sentence starting ‘I amazed myself by actually running..’ I thought, for a moment, you had joined the ‘maniacs’ out jogging but then read the rest of the sentence 😉
    Let me have the link to your new Etsy shop and I’ll go and favourite you. I’ve got three shops so I can favourite you three times 🙂


  4. Ooh, this is spooky – there are suddenly two Barbaras posting, with the same avatar!

    Yes, those quiet moments at the start of a day, with a little something to eat/drink and a little something to keep the hands busy, are a joy. Anthony Storr (psychiatrist) once said modern people tend to underestimate the value of solitude, and I reckon he could be right.

    Spooky, too, in that I’m just about to start a crochet blanket using stuff from the stash (wool rather than cotton though). I have 5 cream and 3 contrast 50g balls. Can’t decide whether to do granny squares (which I’ve never done before), one big granny square (ditto), or v-stitch stripes (which I’ve done quite a lot of, but not in big areas like a blanket). The person I have in mind as the recipient has just had her baby, though, so I’d better get a move on!


    1. Ha, ha! I think the other Barbara is my mother-in-law (from my first marriage) but I haven’t asked her yet. So I was also getting quite confused!!
      Anyway, I have just started a big granny square, for a change. Well it’ll be a baby sized big granny square, it cotton, in blue and white.
      I completely agree with Anthony Storr’s sentiment. I love my lone bike rides for exactly that reason. It helps me to generally sort my head out without an electrical media device at hand!


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