Colour block cushion

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My stash busting colour block cushion is complete.Colour block crochet cushion

This cushion was not without a small hiccup along the way.

This is the result of crocheting for 2 hours straight on a train, as opposed to my usual, not to be recommended for posture, slouched position on the settee. I’m always advising those new to crotchet to practice, practice their tension until it is even before starting something major.

Colour block crochet cushion

The second half of the photo is after I had undone up to the mustard and taken up my usual slouched position.

But now it’s done.Colour block crochet cushion

I’ve slashed some stash.
Colour block crochet cushionBut there’s plenty more to go before I can warrant buying some more.

Colour block crochet cushion

Love, Lucie xx


  1. This turned out very nice! Did you use a pillow form to stuff it? I have some forms in my sewing stash and I haven’t knit in a while. This is inspiring me to grab my needles and a ball of yarn at night.


    1. I used stuffing out of a pillow form as the ones I had were not the right shape/size. If I need to wash it I’ll just undo the last crochet row and empty it before washing.
      Nice and simple to do on an evening.

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      1. Thanks! Whats the yarn called please? I am always on the look out for machine washable yarn. And I really like the taupe colour.


  2. So you weren’t actually crocheting for 2 hours ‘straight’ on a train at all were you? 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    I love those colours.


  3. Definately worth pulling back the wonky bit, I think I’d have tried to bish-bash-bosh it and hope it’d be ok, then it wouldn’t have looked anything like yours. Looks fab😀


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