Bluebell woods

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When my daughter came back from a run, last weekend, and said that the bluebells were out I knew that I had to get out myself before this breathtaking display was over for another year.
I needn’t have worried. The bluebells have not yet reached their absolute peak but were pretty impressive, non the less.

The bright bright green of the youngest of spring leaves against the purple backdrop never fails to amaze me.
Fellow runners always nod or say ‘morning!’, dependant on how much breath they have left. When the bluebells are out we are also telepathically saying, ‘Look! Aren’t they beautiful!’

The slightly sickly smell is quite over powering from a spread such as this one.

At just a mile from the house these woods around the Newmillerdam reservoir always form part of a run or a bike ride. The sight put such a spring in my step that I managed 5 miles!
The bluebells on the bank to the other side of the reservoir are always a couple of weeks behind these ones. So we have a few more opportunities to catch them in the sun.

Do bluebells grow in such abundance in other parts of the world or is such a short lived display unique to Britain?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Love a gentle meander through a bluebell wood. The one near me should be at it’s best shortly, we need some more sunny days. Tipping it down this morning! Have a great bank holiday.


  2. So beautiful! I don’t really see those here — the closest thing (in color, at least) is the hanging wisteria, although that doesn’t last too long either.


  3. We haven’t got them in South-west France. I miss them. I remember this same conversation with you last year – where has the time gone??


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