Blanket Ta Dah!

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It’s finished!
Once I’d finished the border, I blocked the whole thing by throwing it in the washing machine (yes, really) on a delicates wash and blocking it overnight on a towel on the floor.
Today the sun was out so here is the finished pram blanket, resplendent in the sunshine.
Circles within squares crochet blanketIt’s a far cry from these.Crochet Circle square blanketI love it. I’m that close to making a larger one for myself.
Circles within squares crochet blanketI kept the border simple.
Circles within squares crochet blanketThis is the yarn I used. I choose this particular multicoloured wool over others because it changed from one colour into another very quickly, so providing me with circles of frequently changing colour.
Yarn for a baby blanketI’ve still have half of the rainbow one left but I used 8 1/2 balls of the grey.
The pattern is by Frankie Brown found on ravelry.
I had to play with the pattern a little to keep the circles neat. The original pattern used a different colour for each ‘ring’ but my variegated one reduced the amount of ends I had to weave in.

These are the Frankie Brown circles. I added more rows of the grey.

Just a couple more to show you.
Circles within squares crochet blanket
Circles within squares crochet blanket
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. My husband and I have just got back from a quick break away in Whitby. We stayed at the hotel we had our ‘mini-moon’ at last year. It felt so good to get away from all the usual chores that come with everyday life. Sometimes you need to step away from the sewing machine!
Love, Lucie xx


  1. I had visions of each square being about 9 inches and the blanket being huge! It’s so cute, and I agree with Tialys & wouldn’t be able to part with it! 😀


    1. I prefer the solid squares also. I think they look more contemporary although a traditional crochet blanket will also have it’s place in the right setting.


  2. Great for the lucky recipient to know they can just chuck it in the machine and it will come out looking as lovely as this! We’ve just got back from Amsterdam for our anniversary so, although the five days away were fab, there’s such a lot to catch up on!

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