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I know it’s only a skirt but I’ve not made a skirt before. This one has pockets AND a lapped zip!

Used this Newlook 6106 pattern and went for the simplest view A.

Newlook 6106
Newlook 6106

Cutting on size 16 I made up a toile as I wanted to practice my pockets. It turns out they are the simplest thing.

Practice pockets

Before clipping and turning the pocket to the right side out, the pattern told you to ‘layer the seam allowance’. I’d not come across this before but soon worked out to trim one seam allowance back more than the other to prevent bulk and an obvious ridge in the fabric.

The size 16 came out fairly well on size.A-Line skirt toile

So I progressed on to my fabric; this rather lovely blue and green marrakesh large floral print stretch cotton from Minerva Crafts.

Blue and green marrakesh large floral print stretch cotton.
Blue and green marrakesh large floral print stretch cotton.

I must say this fabric is an absolute dream to work with. There is just the right about of weight for an a-line skirt. I didn’t want a drapey a-line but more of a modern silhouette. There is a purple/blue colourway too. I’ve a dress in mind for that!

Having made up the skirt once, I whizzed through the second make. I love how my overlocker finished pockets look so professional on the inside.

Newlook 6106

Along with the seams.

Newlook 6106
Unfortunately my yoke was too short again. You’d think I’d learn! And I forgot to overlock the yoke ends so this has ended up a bit messy.

Yoke was too short - again!
Yoke was too short – again!

It looks alright from the outside though. I just wish I’d trimmed away my seam allowance more. It’s a little bulky at the top.

An 'almost there' lapped zip
An ‘almost there’ lapped zip

Pleased as punch with my top stiching.

And very pleased with the final result. When I made up the toile I wasn’t sure if I would keep it as an a-line but narrow it down to more of a ‘pencil’. But the fabric gives it a lovely modern shape and my daughter said it looked just ordinary when I pinned the sides in.

A summer skirt ready for some summer weather. I just wish it would warm up and stop raining!

Love, Lucie xx


    1. No, a size 10. Pattern sizes have not changed since they came out pre-war, whereas the shop clothing sizes have been changed to suit changing figures of the years. Apparently it’s called ‘vanity sizing’


  1. Glad I read the other comments! It is a great skirt. We have lots of lovely sun here today, quite warm with it too. Just having a break from spending the morning in the garden. Worrying about whether I should make a toile of my trousers that are next in line but not even sure where to buy the material from and obviously want to make them now! I have some material ear marked for skirt. Maybe this is the pattern?


    1. Depends on what silhouette you usually like. I wouldn’t normally wear an ‘a-line’ but the structure of the fabric meant it stuck out just right to give a modern shape (IMO). If it were longer I would find it a little old fashioned on my short little legs but that is just my preference. It’s a great pattern and I would def make it up again in a similar weight material but not in anything finer.

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    1. Yes, first skirt. Must try a fitted pencil skirt next. There are so many patterns around for the ‘perfect’ pencil it might take me a while to narrow it down or even risk going with a freebie.

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  2. Great skirt as always. I wish it would rain here. High wind and dry grass here. A bunch of prairie fires yesterday.


  3. Its so lovely and goes really well with your Maria Denmark top! Once again I ❤❤❤ your fabric choice here so summery! I think I have that pattern somewhere in my stash….


  4. Congratulations on your first skirt! Lovely fabric and a very professional finish. Yep, you just have to accept that when you make your own clothes, you are a larger size, than in the shops.(Does make me feel humungous though!)


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