Plan C, D and E and F

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So, for all those that were kind enough to give me your opinion yesterday (and there were many of you!) I now have Plan C, D, E and F.

The general consensus yesterday was to go with the plain background.Liberty hexie wall hanging

Then I agreed with those of you that suggested to go with the plain background but maybe consider a more neutral colour in order to make the prints sing out.

In this too, I was in agreement.

But then PollieMath posed an alternative by suggesting a small Liberty print as a background but this time in something pale, maybe grey.

I was hoping to use fabric from my stash but I think PollieMath may have a point.
Using a small pale Liberty print might just result in the kind of look I was aiming for originally. Slightly mad but very pretty and recognizably Liberty.
The only problem is that it’ll cost me £22 for the metre unless I can find half a meter from another outlet. A positive is that I’ll be using the same type of fabric across the whole piece which has got to be a good thing.
So, over to you. Your votes please for
Plan B – Grey/blue background from my stashLiberty hexie wall hanging
Plan C – Zingy sour yellow again from my stashLiberty print paper piecing
Plan D – Lime green from stash – colour not entirely true; shot at night.Liberty print paper piecing
Plan E – Yellow Laura Liberty PrintLaura tana lawn
Plan F – Yellow Michael Liberty PrintMichael C Tana LawnI await your honest opinions. Here are the hexies by themselves.Liberty hexies

Plan G anyone?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I was actually thinking of a slightly more creamy colour but with a tiny pattern on it in the same colour, if you know what I mean. It’s called tone on tone or blender fabric – it’s a really useful fabric to have in patchwork generally. I can’t find a good enough photo of it to give you a link because it is quite subtle and doesn’t show up well on screen. I think the grey, zingy yellow and green are too ‘flat’ but that’s just my opinion and, let’s face it, it’s going to look fab whatever you do as you are using lovely Liberty. I like the first Liberty fabric you show and you can get half a yard at a bargain price here – sorry for the long link.


    1. Plan B, grey background! The other fabrics are lovely but too fussy to show the lovely Liberty print. If you have yellows you can try a Dresden plate design in yellow to creat a sunflower wall hanging…………


    1. Right. I can see what you mean. I never knew such things existed. Definitely another one to consider. I’ve had a bit of a search of other liberty hexie quilts. This seems a popular option that really makes the prints pop. Thanks.


  2. Plan B for me but I was wondering – are you thinking of making the plain blue-grey into hexies or sewing the Liberty hexies directly onto the plain background? I think adding shape and texture into the blue-grey might help pull the whole thing together. Just a thought – I am not an expert!


    1. I think if I was going for a larger quilt, I would definitely go down that route. I’ve seen some similar too. But as this is a small hanging I’m going to go with some colour.


    1. You are the third vote for the yellow. It’s coming in second after the grey which is leaps ahead in popularity. I think the yellow might just add a shot of something to the piece. I’m going to make up some yellow hexies to get a better idea.

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  3. Square off the hexies then add a a plain strong border to each then join together. Cath Kidston have some fabulous quilts, go and look at those for inspiration! Call it plan X!


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