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My husband, the one with his leg in plaster from a fall in the snow on Boxing Day, is currently working from home.
We usually share the space in our study (smallest bedroom) quite happily. His lap top accommodates a much loved very old work horse of a table which has followed me from house to house. I have a piece of kitchen worktop installed in an alcove at exactly the right height for me. Fixed on three sides to a wall, it gives me plenty of space, with all my bits and pieces in handy drawers on wheels which tuck neatly beneath when not in use.
After working at length on his laptop at the much loved table he decreed that actually my work surface was at a much preferred height (I know, having once sewn from the table) but he also needed the table to lay out his files and plans.

I was surprised how much it got to me, having to move out from my little space. ‘You can have it back at the weekends’, he said, but I had lost the beauty of snatching a few minutes here and there.
Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve been sewing in the bathroom.Bathroom sewing

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Good I am home alone, I was screaming with laughter when I saw this photo. OF COURSE you can sew in the bathroom, why not? But I hope you have two of them, or for sure, he will interrupt you there as well.

    If he is in the office, that should mean the kitchen table is available… I say take it over, and eat from plates on your knees until he relinquishes your corner. 🙂


    1. Trouble is he has decided that now he has proved to everyone (including himself) that he can work effectively from home, he will continue for a couple of days a week! So we are now in talks about work stations.


  2. I would so resort to the bathroom too, if it was the only place to be able to sew! I think he (or you?) needs an office/studio in the garden or loft if he’s going to be working from home regularly:)


  3. That *is* desperation, but I can’t say as I blame you!
    Thank dog I also knit & crochet or I’d be driving my family mad at the moment.
    I got pension to drive from my dirt on today, and I’m sure that goes for driving a sewing machine too!


  4. Oh Lucie! But it shows how truly dedicated to sewing you are! Don’t get soap on your fabric !! Maybe they will start to manufacture sewing machine sockets in bathrooms after this catches on! Hahaha


    1. Well we’ve decided the much loved table needs to go and be replaced by something at the correct height. This area is also closer to the window. The study has always looked liked an unloved space. In 8 years we have never decorated it. So as you say, every cloud has a silver lining!


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